IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-06-16

frinnstidle for 8 days, i'd say its ok :)00:59
jaegerah, ok01:27
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just_funWhat is the purpose of loop/ in the mirrors? Shoudn't have the latest ISO mounted? Some mirrors have old ISOs mounted there (like mirrorservice).08:14
frinnstwell the dir is there to obviously provide the packages  for your convenience11:40
frinnstbut I doubt the mirrors actually mount the iso. i'd bet they have left the loop dir out of the sync scope11:41
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jaegerloop was just mounted as a convenience years ago14:44
jaegerin case you needed a replacement package for broken linkage or something14:44
jaegerthe updated ISOs came much later for what that's worth14:47
pedjafrinnst, I think you can close FS#1402, alan pushed that update to opt.15:11
frinnstpedja: you can now close, delete tickets etc15:42
pedjafrinnst, thanks :)15:46
frinnstno more free ride!15:51
pedjayeah, yeah :)16:01
pedjaquestion: bugs against 3.2, close or reassign?16:02
pedjafor contrib16:02
frinnstreassign unless its actually no longer an issue16:19
pedjasome of the bugs are about contrib ports that were dropped in 3.316:42
pedjaso I assume they are safe to close?16:44
jaegerI'd say yes16:49
pedjaall the suggestions about infrastructure, iso, pkgutils, docs etc. get assigned to 'CRUX Developers', correct?16:53
pedjasome of the died off after 'Patches welcome' :)16:54
pedjabtw, Crux-Contrib project has only 3.2 as 'reported version'. or is my FF broken?16:59
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frinnst spaaaaam18:25
frinnstcontrib 3.3 added18:27
pedjathank you, kind sir18:28
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