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frinnstpedja, is your pepperflash patch current?00:46
frinnstif so, i'll patch it00:46
frinnstnope, doesnt look like it00:50
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pedjafrinnst, FS#1354? I just reassigned it from 3.2 to 3.3, since it's still an issue05:45
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pedjafrinnst, I attached a patch for current pepperflash ( to FS#135415:50
frinnstboom, lots of FS# crushed, nice work pedja :-)16:44
frinnstmost issues are trivial to resolve. We dont seem to do a good job with bugs16:44
just_funFS#1391 is also "fixed"16:46
pedjasometimes bugs are resolved, but the FS issue stays open. yay detective work :)16:48
frinnstah, I thought jue would close that one.16:49
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just_funNow there are 45 open. How many were before pedja busted in?16:53
frinnst55-60 ? :)16:53
pedja'busted in'?16:54
frinnst.. and started to clean up16:54
pedjaheh. my pleasure. for once my OCD works in my favor16:55
just_funbad choice of words, pedja :)16:56
frinnstlots of bugs are things I cant really do anything about at the moment. xfce and other bugs owned by "inactive" people16:57
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frinnstlots of bugs are cosmetic improvements that I might not necessarily agree with16:58
pedjaspeaking of which. Romster, would you please take a look at FS#1124 and 1128?17:02
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just_funI'd close FS#407 too (prt-get fails to find package when exporting a PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR in pkgmk.conf)17:28
pedjafrinnst, does this look like a bug in ca-certificates to you?
frinnsthm, yeah probably17:57
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frinnstor maybe not18:02
jueit's not, try loading the page in firefox18:24
pedjait works in FF, but both curl and wget throw an error18:30
jueworks not for me, got a red warning page18:30
pedjaall green for me, with FF-54 tho18:32
juehere's the text ->
pedjasimilar error with 'openssl s_client -connect' (can't verify the certificate)18:40
frinnstyeah something seems fishy18:41
pedjajue, it seems that you have 'Block dangerous and deceptive content' enabled in Security18:42
frinnstI wonder why prt-get doesnt appear in gitweb. just commited a patch - that usually fix those kinds of problems18:42
pedjawhen I enable it, I get the same, scary, red page :)18:43
juepedja: probably, but seems to be the default, I never changed that setting18:44
frinnstjue: seem to list various generated files. Any reason not to point to those instead of including the cert with the port?18:44
frinnstIm sure there was a discussion and a sane decision but I forget :-)18:44
frinnstwell, one reason would be if the port was not installed at all, would be tricky to download it from the https site without it :)18:45
juewell, we used the certs from curl previously, but the cert is a bit to strict18:46
jueour cacert.pem is created with curls but with ALL:TRUSTED_DELEGATOR18:48
juesee core/ca-certificates18:48
frinnstjust assumed thats how the curl bundle was generated too18:48
jueyes, sure18:48
frinnst anyone see a reason not to apply this?18:50
frinnstACTION is VERY trigger-happy at the moment :>18:50
frinnstwtf, dovecot crashing *again*18:53
jaegerfrinnst: seems ok to me18:53
pedjawasn't there an issue with some site, so ALL:TRUSTED_DELEGATOR became the default for ca-certificates?18:54
juefrinnst: maybe time to send a bug report ->
juethanks a lot for the bug-tracker cleanup :)19:07
frinnstThank pedja and just_fun :)19:12
frinnstI understand why redhat has a automagic bugzilla-janitor that closes old bugs :)19:12
pedjaGnome has one that closes any bug with 'can I have an extra option, please?' with WONTFIX, I hear :)19:18
frinnstjue: do you know where the repo for httpup is located? seems the repo in tools/httpup.git is not up to date19:30
frinnstlatest commit there:19:31
frinnstcommit 72e5159c82a685bc1fa606a56d886b0bd5ec9d7819:31
frinnstAuthor: Johannes Winkelmann <>19:31
frinnstDate:   Thu Jun 18 10:36:47 2009 +020019:31
frinnst    prepare for 0.4.0k19:31
frinnstoh sorry, thats broken19:31
frinnstthe repo on should be up to date again19:39
frinnstnow for some mindless pc-gaming19:39

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