IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2017-06-18

Romsterpedja, i've been meaning to fix FS#1124 and FS#1128, sakura was a very low priority due to me disliking gtk3 at the time for changing theme API every other version. the later just lazyness and being busy and it's currently working.01:06
Romsterbeen a bit slack on keeping my stuff updated but i have fixed any brokenness reported, also fixed other ports that are not mine for simple version bumps or minor fixes like missing dependency01:07
Romsterseriously i opened that don't use cached files with http in 2012 and now it's fixed in 2017.01:10
pedjaRomster, no rush with those FS tasks, of course, just thought to ask you to take a look at them, in case you forgot :)01:17
Romsteryeah it's on my todo list, just not high priority01:21
Romsterworking is better than untested and unknown if it works or not. until i test it01:21
pedjaI've been using sakura-3.4.0 for a while now, didn't had any issues with it, for what's its worth01:23
pedjafun fact: the oldest bug is from 2006 :)01:24
pedjaACTION goes back to SG-1 S101:27
jaegerfun show01:33
pedjaone of my favorites01:42
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Romsteropt has no missing source files now04:06
Romsteri know sepen is busy with life but he let his host expire? not reachable. takes 5 minutes to renew it or set it to auto renew04:07
Romsternow sepen doesn't even update chromium so i did that04:07
Romsterin hindesight we should of kept that other guy that joined xfce4.git04:08
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frinnstnah, that guy had some serious troubles working with others10:49
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frinnstACTION pokes pedja 10:49
frinnstyou maintain your own xfce repo, right?10:50
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just_funFS#620 and FS#1074 have new patches, in case you want to test/close them.14:44
pedjafrinnst, it's here, if you want to take a look.17:05
pedjaI would appreciate that :)17:06
pedjaI am dogfooding it, so it's in my best interest it not be broken. much.17:07
pedjait's mostly up to date (a few plugins might be bit behind)17:10
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frinnsti switched portdbc to, i thought i'd switched mpup too22:59
frinnstanyways, its switched now. hope you dont mind romster22:59
nomiusAnyone using/used openshift?23:13
Worksteras long as it works frinnst, it was unknown host before i touched it.23:32

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