IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-06-20

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nomiusRomster: are you sure? I can't see them :-S03:21
nomiusmesa3d is 17.1.3, but you have 17.1.203:21
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Workster;O=D top 2 nomius05:37
Worksteri need to remove old versions in there.05:37
Worksterfrinnst, did you make a glibc-32 port as well?05:38
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frinnstI dont have any 32bit stuff on my system so no. but the same things applies to that port too11:14
frinnstdoh, new patch soon'ish13:11
frinnstfix for 32bit build13:18
frinnstupdated (and final) glibc + glibc-32 ports in my repo13:43
frinnsttesting on 2 machines13:44
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jaegerI'll try to test it after work today15:16
nomiusThanks Workster :-)17:56
frinnstany objections to me pushing the glibc fixes? I've tested them on 3 machines without issues20:40
jaegerI haven't tested them yet but if you're comfortable with them it's ok by me20:46
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