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frinnstteK_:  Libgcrypt 1.7.8 released to fix CVE-2017-752615:58
frinnstalso the Pkgfile includes the packager metadata15:58
frinnstand new bind releases too16:01
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teK_I will block-fix stuffs17:05
teK_also new month, so I have funds to transfer17:05
frinnsti have paypal now if that makes things easier17:12
frinnstor you could maybe get some accountnumber from /dev/random and transfer to that17:12
teK_I strongly dislike PP17:42
teK_because of their politics17:43
frinnstsame here, but had to get an account recently for a payment17:58
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frinnstjaeger maybe you can answer this: what makes a uefi disk "portable"? if i reset my bios for example, i can no longer boot. But our install media is obvously never written to efivars (or whatever the term is)21:24
frinnstmaybe i've missed something21:27
jaegerMaybe just that it's removable media?21:41
jaegerNot sure, honestly21:41
frinnstdo you know how it works with windows in uefi mode? if you move a harddrive with uefi windows installed to a new computer, can you boot it then?21:42
frinnsthmm, guess I could install to a disk and then move it to a usb enclosure to test21:43
frinnstah, already have uefi crux on an ssd21:45
frinnst*reboot to test*21:45
jaegerI would expect it not to boot anymore if it were moved21:48
jaegerbecause you still have the ESP on the drive but the boot manager entry pointing to it is no longer correct21:48
frinnstyep, didnt work21:49
frinnstso whats different with our iso then?21:49
jaegerit's removable media21:50
jaegerMaybe I'm not understanding what you're asking21:51
frinnstim not sure I understand my question21:51
frinnstjust curious what makes our iso bootable in uefi mode compared to a uefi install of <whatever> that has a boot manager entry on the computer bios21:52
jaegerI would guess it's because the UEFI implementation knows to search 1) its list 2) CDs/DVDs 3) USB drives21:53
frinnstif you were to wipe that entry21:53
jaegernot necessarily in that order21:53
frinnstyeah but like i just tested, a crux uefi install (from a different computer) moved to a usb enclosure was not bootable and not detected by the bios as uefi bootable21:54
jaegermaybe it's seen differently by the UEFI21:54
jaegerjust a guess21:54
frinnstyeah i suppose21:56
frinnstor is it looking for a file named efiboot.img or something?21:57
jaegerThere is some noise in the spec for default filenames, yeah. Maybe that's all it is21:57
jaegerSorry, I should have remembered that but I'm distracted with work stuff currnetly21:58
jaegerdefault paths for 32-bit and 64-bit UEFI are /efi/boot/bootia32.efi and /efi/boot/bootx64.efi, respectively21:58
jaegerAnd I do use those paths/filenames on the ISO21:59
frinnstyeah no worries. thanks for letting me bounce my silly ideas and fixations :)22:00
teK_omg, just received mail, outlook (yes!) grouped it into "Tomorrow" as it arrived at 00:0022:00
teK_after 15 hours working, I will now tend to something nicer22:01
teK_True Detectives Season 1. You need to check it out, frinnst22:01
frinnstAlexandra Daddario - yes i have22:02
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