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Romsteri've seen it but not sure how to deal with it, it is a upstream problem afaik00:05
Romstershared-mime-info is that all....00:05
frinnstyeah seems like it00:08
jaegerAnyone still have the mailman site pass handy? I'd like to prune some failing addresses00:08
Romsterspeaking of which since i started using crux at romster dot me for my email it seems to reject mail from my gmail account. i guess i need to setup my own smtp server to make it appear from romster.me00:10
jaegerooh, actually I might have it in my password store00:10
jaegerRomster: you might want
jaegerhrmm, nope. Looks like the mm site pass I have is no longer correct - if one of you has the current one, would you let me know? If nobody does I'll reset it00:13
frinnstI do00:13
frinnsti think00:14
frinnstmailed it over - if you still have your gpg passphrase and key :)00:18
frinnstRomster: just set up spf records - that should be enough00:18
jaegerhrmm... I should still have that00:18
Romsteron my dns host?00:32
jaegerIf you don't already allow google to send mail on your behalf, yes, that would help00:33
jaegerAnd it looks like you don't, I see neither SPF nor TXT records in your domain00:33
Romsterta i'll look into that00:33
jaegerv=spf1 ~all00:34
jaegerShould look something like that00:34
Romsteri've never been the best at dns records.00:34
jaegerfrinnst: thanks, that one works00:34
jaegerI'll update my password store, too00:34
jaegerok, cleaned up the lists a little bit00:38
Romsterwas there many? we don't seem to be seeing many new users around here.00:39
Romsterand the regular ones don't seem to frequent as often if at all.00:40
jaegeronly 3 or 400:43
jaegerinvalid email addresses that were bouncing00:44
Romstermm  i don't see a SPF record i'll have to use a TXT record00:48
jaegerI'd recommend setting both00:49
jaegerto the same thing00:49
jaegerThat way if a site or tool uses one but not the other you're covered00:49
Romsteri only have A CNAME Forward AAAA and TXT00:50
Romsterunless i'ts in another section MX records?00:50
jaegerYou don't have one already, you need to add one00:51
Romsteri jsut aded a TXT record for v=spf1 ~all00:51
Romster3 hour TTL00:51
jaegerdoes all your mail go through gmail or do you also send from anywhere else?00:51
Romsterjust gmail currently. i might add my own SMTP server and send from home at some point.00:52
Romsterif my isp allows me to do that00:52
jaegerIf you do that later, add your SMTP server's address to the SPF record00:52
Romstergood idea.00:53
jaegerAnyway, that should help with at least some part of your email sending woes00:53
Romsterone other unrelated ting to mail but to dns is settng a txt record of some public key so i can prove i own the sites and dns records as i have several of both.00:53
Romsterthanks for the tips.00:54
Romstergreatly appreciated. it's not or area of expertise.00:54
jaegerIt wasn't really mine in the past but I've had to spend a lot of time on it in the last few years, heh00:55
jaegeralso set up dkim/dmarc stuff for outgoing mail at work00:55
Romsteri spend more time removing malware and soldering and hard disk data recovery than anything else other than wifi and simple dsl faults.00:55
Romsteri still haven't looked at dnssec00:55
Romsterwith the constant threat of ransomware and other viruses going over email attachments now. we need to do more to verify that a email is not spoofed.00:56
Romsteroh while you are here, about docker you made the stuff to make a docker image off your updated iso but do you still intend to make a official docker image on the docker site?00:58
jaegerI haven't put any effort into it aside from the automation00:58
jaegertheir "how to contribute" stuff was really long :P00:58
Romstermaybe i'll have a go at seeing if i can get it linked to my github account then. and give you push rights to my github account?01:00
jaegerI just asked in their IRC channel, will see what they say01:02
jaegerI've mainly just felt lazy about it01:08
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Romsteri've been lazy about updating my docker files and just been using the same container that i've made ages ago.01:11
jaegeryou're welcome to use the updated one from my github repo, it's just not on the docker hub01:12
Romsterpartly lazy partly burned out from work, and partly just unable to focus at times and needed time out.01:12
jaegerIt happens, all good01:12
Romsteri should do that.01:12
Romsterall i've been doing is stepping on everyones toes fixing there packages :P01:13
Romsterjust fed up with brokenness in our ports. and i know some of mine need either fixing or dropping.01:14
frinnstdrop everything (well, almost) that you dont use01:14
frinnsti find it very tricky to maintain stuff i never use01:14
Romsterwell i wont drop anything that someone else port depends on.01:15
Romsteri've given a few ports away01:15
frinnstif they need it, let them maintain it01:15
frinnstor fuck em :)01:15
Romstersick of hording them all01:15
frinnstobviously warn before01:16
Romsterof course01:16
frinnst5 perfect ports > 20 out of date/broken ports01:20
frinnstboom, an additional 32gb ram ordered01:22
frinnstand my ryzen build is complete \o/01:23
Romsterhave you had any compiling fails? microcode updating?01:23
frinnstnot really anymore01:23
frinnstmesa3d fails sometimes with bash segfault, but im not sure its the same issue01:23
frinnstpreviously i had gcc segfault01:23
Romsteryou running your ram over clocked at 3200?01:24
frinnstnothing is overclocked01:24
Romsterwell ram can be 2600 or something is default.01:24
frinnstCorsair Vengeance LPX Black DDR4 2400MHz 2x16GB (CMK32GX4M2A2400C14)01:25
frinnstis what I have today (and just ordered again)01:25
jaeger2133 is default for DDR4, anything higher is overclocked, if I remember right01:25
jaegerOr maybe that was DDR3 and 2400 is standard for DDR4?01:26
frinnstno idea, overclocking bores the pants off me :D01:27
Romsteryeah it's over rated and just causes wear and tear more power used and less reliability01:27
jaegerMy i5-6600k is overclocked because it was dead simple... haven't bothered with other systems01:27
jaegerProbably won't ever overclock my ryzen build because of the case it's in and the cooler it uses01:28
Romsteri dd get a black edition cpu so i could over clock this but i never bothered to01:28
Romsteri got a 200 watt TDP cooler on my 140 watt TDP cpu i thik i went a little over board on the cooling but it is quiet.01:29
frinnst3:30 am, sun is up and seagulls are starting to scream their asses off. wonder how hard it will be to fall asleep01:30
Romsterg'night frinnst01:35
Romsterwhy is it sunny at 3:30am?01:36
Romsteryou live at the north pole?01:36
Romsterit's not quite midday in australia where i am01:36
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frinnstheh nah10:04
frinnstbut during summer in sweden you get maybe darkness for about 2-3 hrs10:05
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frinnstRomster: xmlto seems to have moved. the source url is still valid but it gives a signature error18:17
frinnst0.0.28 seems to be the latest also18:18
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