IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-07-03

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frinnstseems like our server has some troubles starting up17:59
jaegermaybe due to that failed disk?18:00
frinnstpoor charlie is removing it now18:00
frinnstwe really need to get that piece of shit replaced :)18:00
jaegerIt's done pretty well for being in service for 12 years :D18:01
frinnstACTION pokes teK_ 18:08
frinnstwhat can I do to help with the new server?18:08
frinnsthm, do we have the root password?18:09
jaegerisn't it your server? :)18:09
frinnstfor the old server18:09
jaegerI don't think I have it anywhere, always use sudo18:10
frinnstit tries to mount the old fs. charlie needs to change the fstab18:10
jaegerMight need to pass init=/bin/sh or something18:10
frinnstyeah but what bootloader is it?18:12
jaegerProbably lilo18:12
frinnstcan you do that with lilo? I dont remember18:13
jaegerIf the label is "CRUX", just use "CRUX init=/bin/sh" for example18:13
frinnstcharlie got busy with another issue18:21
jaegerall good18:28
frinnstyeah I told him he could look at it tomorrow - its 8:30pm here so18:30
frinnstpoor guy18:30
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frinnstcharlie is a hero22:06
jaegerno doubt22:13

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