IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-07-04

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Romstercrux site is down still08:38
Romsteri read up just now08:39
frinnstI dont think our server is on a ups08:57
frinnstsent a sms to charlie08:58
frinnstbet the server is really dead now :)09:21
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frinnstcharlie just texted me a screendump11:40
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frinnstunable to mount root fs on unknown-block11:40
frinnstSo i'd be surprised if the server would come back up again11:51
frinnstsuggestions? We have a server just idling here - data needs to be copied onto it and stuff needs to get setup11:52
frinnstMost critical would be git and rsync obviously11:53
frinnstI dont have time to drive the server down to kalmar were we are hosting it but I could get charlie to point the dns to the new server at my work11:54
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frinnstrsync up and running. the repos are a bit out of date - about a month12:24
jaegerso did the server itself die or did all the drives in the md arrays fail somehow? What happened?12:52
jaegerI can see from the picture that it couldn't mount root but there are multiple drives12:54
frinnstnot sure12:57
jaegerand it can apparently see sda, sdb, sdc and enumerate their partitions12:58
frinnstthe server has obviously rebooted and there were no power issues today13:02
jaegerwell, looks like I have a backup from about 6 hours ago13:05
jaegerof /etc /home /root and /var13:05
frinnstcool. Do you have ssh access or are you already drunk? (its the freedom day i take it?) :D13:07
jaegerlooks like I do have access13:08
frinnstcould you just dump it all in your homedir?13:10
jaegerchecking the size now13:10
jaegeruploading to ~jaeger/crux.nu13:15
jaegersome picking and choosing will be required if you restore from that dump, I didn't use --delete in my rsync invocations13:16
jaegerNot sure why I did that13:16
frinnstyeah no worries13:16
jaegerIt is freedom day but I wouldn't be drunk at 8 in the morning :)13:41
frinnstah right, you're not scandinavian13:42
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jaegerso many old ISOs in the backup14:45
jaeger20 from find | wc -l :)14:50
frinnstcan you test a commit to the new server?14:51
frinnstor rather, push14:51
frinnstif you have a new'ish local copy14:51
jaegerMy local copies of repos aren't very new, probably14:52
jaegerbut /home/crux/scm is uploaded14:52
frinnstnevermind, just checked the time. im off in 8 minutes14:52
jaegerStill uploading anyway14:52
frinnstunless i need to attend a speedway world champ event14:52
frinnstwe are supplying internet and networking to it14:53
frinnstcrazy week :)14:53
jaegergood times, heh14:53
frinnst2hrs and 6 minutes for things to go to shit14:54
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frinnstRomster: can you push compat-32 to ? i'll need to add you as a user first16:29
frinnsti'll need a public ssh-key16:31
jaegerfrinnst: his current key should be in the backup16:33
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jaegerThe backup isn't fully uploaded yet but home should be done16:42
frinnstah right16:54
frinnstright, romster your account should be ready to roll17:01
jaegerfrinnst: I think the git-to-rsync-whatever is newer in my backup than what's live currently17:08
jaeger-rw-r--r-- 1 root   root   3859691472 Jul  4 02:32
jaegerwe should logrotate that, probably :D17:09
frinnsthaha yeah and the git-logs were huuuuge too :)17:10
jaegerugh, no doubt17:11
frinnstcopied over the compat-32 repo and contrib from your git-to-rsync-working-copy copy17:17
jaegeronly those two?17:18
frinnstmy core, opt and xorg were farily up todate i think17:18
jaegercore is somewhat behind, at least17:18
jaegerautomake            1.15.1-1            1.15-217:18
jaegerlibdevmapper        1.02.141-1          1.02.140-117:18
jaegerNot by much17:18
frinnst Checkout flex/flex-2.6.3-add_defines.patch17:19
frinnst Checkout glibc/iconv-gconv_trans.c.patch17:19
frinnstcurse your lack of --delete usage!17:19
jaegeryeah, no idea why I didn't do that :(17:20
jaegerI'll add it next time, that's for sure17:20
jaegeroh, I remember why17:20
frinnstyeah me too17:20
jaegerBecause originally I was backing up the tarballs from the extra drive17:20
jaegernot the dirs directly17:20
frinnstoh. i thought it was because I had a tendency to delete stuff?17:20
jaegerI suppose the two aren't mutually exclusive17:21
pedjaACTION hides17:21
jaegerfrinnst: you could just do an rsync -avu from the backup, the -u will ignore newer stuff17:22
frinnstjue can push his core changes when he comes back online17:22
pedjais that a shiny new server, or is just hd replaced?17:22
frinnstbrand new17:22
jaegerwhy not do the rsync if we know it's newer?17:23
frinnstbrand new old server17:23
jaegerheh, brand new used!17:23
frinnstno! it was never used before17:23
jaegerbrand new not used!17:23
frinnstyeah! brand new old!17:23
jaegerbrand new not used yet not current generation!17:23
jaegerthere we go17:23
frinnstthe cpu and ram are used though17:23
frinnstfrom our bl640c gen1 blades :D17:23
jaegerThe price is right, though17:24
frinnstyeah ~200EUR17:24
frinnstdisks with 2.5"->3.5" converters were about 250EUR17:25
frinnstand OOB management card were about ~100EUR17:25
jaegerthe backup upload is finished now17:27
frinnstwhat speed did you get?17:29
jaeger~1.25MB/s, looks like17:29
frinnstthats not very impressive. wonder how much of our bandwidth is used for 4k video at the moment17:30
jaegerprobably a non-insignificant amount :)17:30
frinnstnope. i guess the tv crew are using saterlite links or something17:33
jaegerwell, my upload speed is much less than my download speed17:33
jaeger10-12Mbps up so that's all on my end17:35
frinnstah alright17:35
pedja10:1 ratio here (20/2)17:35
frinnst1G/1G here17:35
jaeger150/10 here, though it sometimes spikes over a little bit17:35
frinnstACTION hides17:35
jaegermust be nice :)17:35
jaegergoogle stopped their fiber deployments anywhere near me17:36
frinnst11GB ram used - 3VMs. Is that all i can use? D;17:36
pedjamy ISP happily sells 100/2 :)17:37
pedjamore balanced speeds (and ipv6) are for business customers only, with price to match17:39
pedjaironically, they push their cloud solution to regular peasants like me, with ads and campaigns pretty heavily :)17:41
pedjain their minds, decent upload = business use.17:44
pedjathey did get a bunch of money from EU to upgrade the infrastructure, iirc, credit from European Bank or something17:46
pedjawe'll see if fiber ever gets to my little city17:47

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