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pedjafrinnst, since you have new and shiny hw, shouldn't you poke teK_ to update linux-firmware :)?11:47
pedjaor is nothing of interest landed there recently?11:48
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pedjavacation over, jue?11:52
jueyep, but only until Sunday :)11:52
pedjahow many vacation days you have, man :) ?11:54
jueI'll be away for 2 weeks from then on11:54
juehehe, good question11:54
pedjagoing somewhere nice?11:54
pedjaor just chilling in underwear all day long?11:55
jueonly to "Allgäu", that's near the lake "Bodensee"11:56
juejust read the logs and saw that we had big problems with our server at crux.nu11:57
pedja <--looks nice11:57
jueyeah, indeed11:58
juefrinnst: dig shows me that points to our new server at your location, right?11:58
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pedjaupgrade to gcc-6.4 should be smooth, right?12:58
pedjasince it's point bugfix release12:58
jueyeah, using it here without problems13:00
pedjait has Zen CPU support, so you with new toys can finally add --march=znver1 :)13:00
pedjajue, just gcc bump, right? the rest of the toolchain is recent enough?13:02
pedjaI could build it now, until the new heat wave strikes and I loose a will to live13:04
juefrinnst: after pulling core I have local modifications to automake and libdevmapper in the git tree, but a ports -u shows the correct versions in /usr/ports/core13:04
juefrinnst: looks like git and rsync are out of sync?13:05
juepedja: yes, just a version bump13:05
juenp, tester are always welcome :)13:06
pedjadoes 'git pull' for core git repo hangs for you, too?13:07
pedjait times out after a while13:08
Romsterrror: remote unpack failed: unable to create temporary object directory13:15
RomsterTo crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/compat-32.git13:15
Romster ! [remote rejected] 3.3 -> 3.3 (unpacker error)13:15
Romstererror: failed to push some refs to 'crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/compat-32.git'13:15
frinnstjue: yeah don't pull just push14:08
frinnstthe git-to-whatever is a backup, its only the git repos that are out of date somewhat14:08
juepedja: change the ssh port from 2222 to 22 and accept the new host key14:09
juefrinnst: ok, will do14:09
jaegerfrinnst: did you copy the git repos from the backup as well?14:10
juefrinnst: is the old server finally dead?14:10
pedjajue, I pull from the git repos as a regular peasant :)14:12
frinnstyeah jaeger14:20
frinnstjue yep, the raid5 array became unmountable14:20
frinnstcharlie hasnt dug into it yet he had other stuff to do14:20
frinnstbut might just as well let it die14:20
frinnstseems we need a clean and rough break to finally move to the new server :-)14:21
frinnstwe'll have kvm-over-ip access to this server aswell so we won't need to bother charlie with all this stuff in the future14:21
frinnstRomster: possible that the permissions are wrong for the repo14:22
juenice :)14:22
frinnst*afk* meeting14:22
juefrinnst: got the same error for core14:22
frinnstjue and jaeger and tek all have root-access with sudo14:22
frinnst*afk* for real :-)14:23
frinnstyeah permissions were screwed, fixed now15:29
frinnsttry again Romster15:29
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juefrinnst: tried to fix permissions for core.git, ended up with group-write-access, not sure if that is really needed15:36
juethe git-to-rsync stuff is even more tricky, could you try to commit something to core, please?15:40
jaegeryou should be able to run the git hooks manually if needed15:41
pedjahas anyone played with meson build tool yet?15:44
jaegerNot I15:45
pedjaI get the weird 'locale isn't utf-8' warning unless I explicitly export LC_ALL in the Pkgfile15:46
pedjausing fakeroot and root15:46
pedjalocale.getpreferredencoding() in python3 shell returns 'utf-8', so python is not broken, afaict.15:50
juefrinnst: just tested a commit to contib, doesn't work16:34
juegot it working too16:44
juehere's what I've done:16:46
juechgrp -R contrib.git16:47
juefind contrib.git -type d -exec chmod 0775 {} \;16:49
jaegerdrwxrwsr-x  8 103   101 19 Jul  2 13:52 contrib.git <-- from the backup, if that helps16:49
jaegerI remembering having to do some of this stuff like setgid a while back16:49
jaegerMaybe this is a good time to consider using gitolite or gitosis or similar instead?16:49
jueyeah, did that as well, but only for the git-to-rsync stuff16:50
jueif that is easier to use, sure16:50
juenever used that16:50
juefor the record the changes to git-to-rsync-working-copy:16:52
juechgrp -R contrib.git16:52
juechgrp -R contrib16:52
juefind contrib -type d -exec chmod 2775 {} \;16:55
juejaeger: could you compare this to the backup, please?16:56
jaeger2775 is setgid?16:57
jaegerLooks like that mostly matches. There are some files that aren't setgid16:58
jaeger-rw-rw-r--   1 130   101 788 Sep 11  2016 packed-refs16:58
jaeger-rw-------   1 116   101  41 Dec 16  2016 shallow_aaRcyq16:58
jaeger-rw-------   1 116   101 410 Jul 19  2016 shallow_DNygAo16:58
jaeger-rw-------   1 116   101  41 Dec 19  2016 shallow_EOxxbS16:58
jaeger-rw-------   1 116   101  41 Sep  3  2016 shallow_qYYRTX16:58
jaeger-rw-------   1 116   101 287 Aug  8  2016 shallow_YWWj0E16:58
jaegerand those shallow* files have a different owner16:59
jaegerlooks like 116 is git16:59
jueand the files in crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy?17:01
jaegerdrwxrwsr-x   2 124 101      6 Jul  2 02:47 zsync <-- they look like this17:03
jaeger124 is romster17:03
jueand 101?17:03
jaegerso I assume he was the last commit17:03
jaeger101 is the contrib group17:03
jueok, that's the same what I did17:04
juedid the same for opt17:12
jaegerI added filelist.txt to my homedir on the new server, it has a recursive list of the backup17:13
juethx, that helps :)17:20
juehave to run now, bbl17:22
jaegerWhat do you guys need me to do to help with the new server/restore?18:34
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frinnstso whats the status?21:38
jaegerI think jue sorted the git stuff22:17
jaegerwe still need the website fixed, mailing lists, torrent tracker?22:18
frinnstyeah downloadlinks and mailinglists should probably be high prio22:23
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