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Workstersame error on compat-32 frinnst00:09
jaegerIt's possible I messed up permissions when fixing some user id issues, I'll recheck00:09
jaegeryeah, I did. oops00:10
Worksterwell not quite the same error i now get00:10
Workstererror: remote unpack failed: unable to create temporary object directory00:10
jaegerok, any better now?00:12
Worksterremote: ERROR! Failed to open logfile: /var/log/git/hooks/ports/compat-32/post-receive.log00:14
Worksterremote: mkdir: cannot create directory '/home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/compat-32/': Permission denied00:14
Worksterremote: tar: /home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/compat-32/ Cannot open: No such file or directory00:14
Worksterwell sort of00:15
jaegerok, mind trying again?00:16
Worksterisn't it time we start to use git driver instead of rsync for the official ports?00:16
Worksterthat worked and said everything is up to date00:17
Worksterare we using gitolite here?00:17
jaegersame setup as the previous server00:17
Worksteri'm using gitolite for a number of years now, rather painless00:18
jaegerIf you check the scrollback I mentioned gitolite/gitosis earlier00:18
jaegerbut no longer discussion about it yet00:18
Worksteryeah i remember you mentioning it, so that's why i'm asking since new server00:18
jaegerI'd be fine with switching to gitolite or gitosis, it would make this permissions management BS go away00:23
jaegerPermissions should be fixed once again on the git and rsync stuff, let me know if I missed any important ones00:32
jaegerI enabled compat-32 and installed zlib-32 so the bittorrent tracker could run (it's a 32-bit executable)00:32
jaegerI'm having trouble figuring out if bnbt is even maintained anymore, we may want to switch that to something else00:32
jaegerbut for now it's running again00:33
jaegerfrinnst: what's the firewall/NAT situation there? I can't reach the tracker on port 696900:33
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jaegerfrinnst: I guess we already have http, rsync, and ssh forwarded, maybe just need to add the tracker port (or wait until it goes to kalmar)00:40
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jaegerfrinnst: is /root/.vimrc your personal setup or something? Just curious01:05
Worksteroh can't we find a open source bit torrent tracker hmm.01:14
jaegerprobably. I haven't dug into it yet01:15
jaegerI think bnbt was open source but it's been a long time01:15
Worksternot a high priority but should be alternatives around01:15
Workster eh looks ugly and old but i know stable old.01:18
jaegerI wonder if there's one that's currently maintained01:18
Worksterhere we go
jaegernice, I'll give that a look01:20
jaegerdoes anyone know much about cruxbot? I synced sepen's homedir and tried to start it but looks like some ruby gems may be missing01:26
Workstersepens let his domains expire as well, i fear he has retired at this point01:30
Workstercould probably do with a imrpoved bot that auto reconnects and doesn't derp so much on flooding.01:32
jaegerfrinnst, jue, teK_: I made a script to fix permissions, you can find it at ~jaeger/bin/fix-git-rsync if you want to take a look01:42
jaegerPermissions should be fine right now, this is just for future use if needed01:42
jaegerWorkster: heh, the hefur release tarball is incomplete, kinda annoying01:58
jaegerI'll make my own01:58
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Romsterdamn, i haven't had time to look work and now home for lunch02:39
jaegerok, I set up hefurd, we'll see if it's any good03:39
jaegerI started to look at the postfix config, /etc/postfix/ is set up, but I didn't add mailman or SSL certs, etc.03:40
jaegerI'm done for now, though, feel free to pick up on that03:40
frinnstjaeger: no, its tek's06:17
frinnstannoying right? :D06:17
frinnsti'll open up 6969 when i get to work06:18
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frinnstso currently only ssh, http/https and rsync-ports are open06:54
juejaeger: thx for the script, we could set permissions partly a bit stricter, but I guess it's not worth the effort07:51
frinnsttek started to work on gitolite i think, not sure how far he's come08:02
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frinnstjaeger: I started to look at the cruxbot stuff a few weeks ago. indeed, it depends on ancient gems08:17
frinnstmight be better to rewrite it?08:17
frinnstI also disabled the git-hooks for mailing to crux-commits@ - check for "pre-receive-" files or something similar in the main repos08:18
juefrinnst: which of the hooks do we need? For core I've enabled only the post-update hook, it updates the rsync dirs08:23
frinnstthose were already working, no?08:46
frinnstyeah thats the only one we need without working mailinglists and cruxbot08:48
jueok, doing the same for the other repos09:42
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jaegeraside from sending mails there was also a hook in place for stopping master pushes, I think13:43
jaegerMy local rtorrent seems to have reconnected so I guess hefur works. You can see some stats at
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jaegerI'll try to look at the postfix config more today if you guys haven't already13:51
jaegerJust checked, the hook that blocks master pushes is pre-receive13:57
frinnstMX is still pointed at charlies gateways. I'll ask him to send them on to the new IP14:15
frinnstit it's needed, maybe just uses the A record already14:15
frinnstif it's*14:18
frinnstI've asked him to add the new ip to spf too14:23
onodera_what's the command to update config files again?14:27
onodera_woops wrong channel :)14:28
frinnstrm *14:28
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juejaeger: seems it's the pre-receive- hook15:46
juejaeger: do you know why that hook has the trailing - in it's name?15:51
jaegerIt shouldn't.16:04
jaegerthey don't seem to in my backup16:04
frinnstI moved it16:06
jaegerAlso, backups for the new server are set up and running16:07
jaegerUsing snapshots and --delete now16:07
jaegerAs well as backing up everything instead of just those 4 dirs the previous one did16:07
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