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jaegerfrinnst: is there any way that charlie could boot up the old server with a live usb or cd that supports mdadm?04:06
jaegerWould be nice to get a full backup, maybe... I don't have some stuff like all of /usr for example04:06
jaegerI think restoring mailman might be impossible without that04:17
jaegerI've restored the postfix configuration but of course mail won't work properly until the MX and SPF are fixed, etc.04:27
jaegeralso, points to the old IP still04:27
jaegerI've stopped postfix for now, it's not much use in its current state04:31
jaegerIs anyone working on the apache config/website?04:33
jaegerfrinnst: as a side note, I'm using 'sudo vim -u ~jaeger/.vimrc' to avoid the root vim config currently :)04:44
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frinnstwhat mailman stuff is in /usr ?07:25
frinnstif its mostly static stuff we have older backups07:25
frinnstI have usr backups in my homedir07:38
frinnstI havent had time nor energy do to any work this week. first week back at work and EVERYTHING must be done NOW by ME08:38
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juejaeger: not me (apach/website)11:09
juesorry to say, but I'm out of town for two weeks, beginning at Sunday, so I can't help much for now11:12
jueif we stick with pmwiki, I'd suggest to put everything related to pmwiki in a subdir and not spread over in puplic_html11:15
juesimilar to the pmwiki port in contrib11:15
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frinnstid much rather use nginx. the config is so much simpler12:56
juewhy not, I don't have any preferences13:06
juebtw, do you have heard anything from teK_ ?13:07
frinnstnot a peep13:16
frinnsttek wanted apache when I first set it up13:17
frinnstany objections to me reverting libinput? it seems to depend on cairo and gtk3 these days..13:18
frinnstnot sure what we should do about future updates13:18
jueI've alread committed an update ;)13:24
juewithout that deps13:25
jueit's the debug-gui that depends on gtk313:25
pedjateK_, llvm-4.0.1 is out. nothing fancy, just a bugfix release13:31
frinnstI miss cruxbot :->13:31
juewell, the crux wiki-setup seems to work fine with latest pmwiki (without timeline oc)13:49
jue(donwloaded the data and running it here locally)13:50
jaegerI also like nginx better than apache, I would not object to switching. Did teK_ say why he wanted apache specifically?13:51
juehere's the relevant apache config:13:53
frinnstyeah he did14:00
jaegerjue: something like /home/crux/pmwiki for the wiki, everything static in /home/crux/public_html?14:16
jaegeror outside of the crux user's homedir entirely?14:17
jueno, that's the config for the wiki I'm running here on my local host14:17
jaegerI'm not talking about your paste, I just mean in general14:18
juesorry for the confusion14:18
jueI meant below public_html, so everything in/below /home/crux/public_html/pmwiki14:19
juecurrently the pwwiki directories, like cookbook, pub, wiki.d etc., are all spread over in public_html14:21
juehope that's understandable now ;)14:22
juebut using /home/crux/pmwiki for the wiki is an option as well14:24
jaegerAh, ok14:45
jaegerEither fix is fine by me14:45
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jaegerIt looks like our pmwiki install was version 2.2.49 so at least we don't have to do the 1-to-2 upgrade process14:55
jaegerjue: It seems like the cleanup you're suggesting also changes URLs, right? adding /wiki or similar15:03
jaegerBecause we do have other stuff served from ~crux/public_html15:04
jueyeah, is see, that's the drawback15:05
pedjadid you discuss switch to gitosis or something similar, or is that postponed after the server is up and running?15:07
jaegerI don't think there's been an official discussion yet. I'm in favor of it15:07
jueno objections if it helps to simplify things, but who will/is able to do the switch?15:10
juecurrently git access is the only part that works, so we might have more important things right now15:10
jaegerI could do the gitolite install/switch but yeah, git works right now so not a big deal15:11
jueI'm a bit frustrated that teK_ obviously has no time/energy to help with our current problems15:13
juenominally he is/was the man for our server15:13
jueso we have to deal with everything alone, obviously15:14
jaegerAny idea where he is lately? Is he ok?15:14
juesorry, don't know15:15
jaegerregarding gitosis and gitolite, gitosis seems unmaintained. gitolite is more active15:16
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jaegerI will try to restore the apache config as-is soon. We can upgrade pmwiki and move it later if need be, just want to get service back up15:34
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jaegerworked a little on the apache config but it still needs help and I have a work call in a few minutes. Currently apache is stopped20:13
jaegerLooks like we need to install some php stuff like pear's DB support20:14
jaegerI don't see DB.php available in ports currently20:14
jaegerjue: is that something you have handy or do we need to create a new port?20:14
jaegerfrinnst: do you have php running via fpm rather than mod_php?20:17
jaegerThis DB.php error is part of the timeline, is that expected due to newer php, etc.?20:24
jaegerMaybe DB.php doesn't exist anymore?20:24
jaegerI know it's been said that the timeline won't work anymore but I don't remember the details20:27
frinnstyeah fpm20:39
juejaeger: sorry, no20:44
frinnstis pear the prio?20:44
frinnstjust sat down20:44
jueI think we should just ignore the timeline for now, it was nice but not essential20:45
frinnstwhat should I work at?20:46
juewell, probably website and mail are the most important things now20:47
frinnstpmwiki is your port jue, have you used it before? or should i look at getting it up and running?20:48
frinnstwe prefer the port layout, correct?20:48
frinnstinstall the port, migrate the site to the new install20:48
juewell, I'm using it here for documentations, locally20:51
frinnstdoes it need mysql?20:52
jueno, nothing besides basic php20:53
jueall data files are in the wiki.d directorie20:53
frinnstok i'll look at apache and pmwiki then20:55
jueit's not really important what directory layout we use, having it direct in DocumentRoot is the most simple way20:55
juethe update should be simple: install the new files over the old20:57
juemaybe a modified 'special' port would be the best way20:58
frinnsthm, wtf is serving up the redirect for /21:04
frinnstoh right, .htaccess21:08
frinnstfu apache21:08
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frinnst sort of works21:16
jaegermain page works, subpages don't seem to21:59
frinnst/var/www/htdocs/cookbook-disabled are the "addons" i've disabled21:59
jaegerIs there any benefit to running php with fpm and apache?21:59
frinnstto shut up all the errors/warnings21:59
jaeger(I'm not complaining, just curious)22:00
jaegerI know we'd need to switch to fpm for nginx if we went that route22:00
frinnst listed all the broken files, nifty feature22:00
frinnstwe use fpm already22:00
jaegerYes, I'm asking why :D22:00
frinnstits the only method available in crux ports afaik22:01
jaegerOh, is the apache port not built with php module support?22:01
frinnstno, atleat I dont think so22:01
frinnstnot sure how you get the urls working.. I dont find any rewrite-rules for it22:02
jaegerthe rewrite rules in .htaccess?22:03
jaegerNot sure, I've never really worked on pmwiki from the server side much22:03
frinnstI dont think i've ever touched it before22:04
jaegerlooks like we're using a previous version of that setup, maybe22:09
jaegerExample three22:11
frinnstaaaaw fuck. breaks for us22:12
frinnstwe dont use that cookbook currently22:13
jaegerwiki pages seem to work with the full path at least, like
frinnstwonder if the rewrite engine works as it should22:22
jaegerI think the .htaccess is ignored currently22:22
jaegerI just broke it intentionally but no error is generated22:23
jaegerso investigating that now22:23
frinnstah goodie22:23
frinnstI need some food, taking a break22:23
jaegerfrinnst: you commented out "Listen 443" in the httpd.conf?22:28
jaegeras well as the http->https rewrite?22:29
jaegerI'm going to stop messing with it for now, I think we may be crossing over work areas22:31
frinnstkept getting redirected to https22:32
jaegerwhich is intended22:39
jaegerAt least that's how it was set up on the old server22:40
frinnstyeah but made it harder to debug23:08
frinnstthere we are23:10
jaegerthat's why the .htaccess wasn't working23:11
jaegerfor some reason it's disabled in the non-SSL vhost23:11
jaegerNo idea why, though23:11
frinnstyeah and it was disabled in httpd.conf - I changed that and now it's working23:12
frinnstneed to clean this mess up, but that can wait till morning :-)23:12
frinnsthm, I still get a tracker error with transmission23:14
frinnstredrik@nibbler:~$ curl
frinnst<html><head><title>Error 404 - NotFound</title></head><body>Error 404 - NotFound</body></html>23:17
frinnstguess thats normal23:17
frinnstcurl: (52) Empty reply from server23:18
frinnstis that normal?23:18
frinnstyeah that works23:18
jaegerI think that's normal23:18
jaegerI'll look at git-daemon for that request in #crux23:20
jaegerthat should be an easy fix23:20
frinnstgetting late, im off for the evening23:22
jaegerfrinnst: can you allow the git port next time you get a chance?23:24
frinnsti'll do that now23:38
jaegercool, thanks23:49
jaegerOK for me to reenable the SSL redirect or should I leave that alone for now?23:49
frinnstits fine23:57
jaegersorry to keep bugging you :) I figured you'd just respond tomorrow, heh23:57

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