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jaegerwell, not sure what's different now, but reenabling SSL breaks shit again. I don't feel like digging into that more right now so leaving the redirect out00:08
jaegerfrinnst, jue: I think it might make things a little less confusing if we configure apache such that global SSL settings are in the default /etc/apache/extra/httpd-ssl.conf file and only vhost-specific stuff in /etc/apache/vhosts-ssl/ - any objections?00:49
jaegerthat would mean less clutter in /etc/apache/httpd.conf, only the bare minimum ssl stuff00:54
jaegerAlso, what's the deal with the 'original' folder in /etc/apache? I see that's in the port footprint, even01:06
frinnstyeah go ahead. its very messy at the moment. feel free to spring-clean :>01:33
frinnstdo we want to use /var/www/htdocs for the wiki even? /var/www/pmwiki is where the port installs it, would be easier to maintain since we dont modify any of those files01:34
jaegerI'm fine with either of those locations - we can continue to use rewrite rules to serve static stuff outside the wiki01:40
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juegood morning06:43
juejaeger: there's a opt/mod_php port for apache to have internal php support06:46
juejaeger: yeah, the current apache configuration is indeed confusing, a clean-up would be great06:50
juejaeger: the "original" folder is intended as a backup of the default settings, installed with the port06:54
juefrinnst: what's the problem with numtoc? we definitely need it07:09
juefrinnst: see the problem, just installed the latest version of the script with no success07:29
juedon't get it, works in my local pmwiki install07:30
jueok, found it. Fixed by adding $EnableDiag=0 and don't include cookbook/timeline08:04
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Romsterhefur is working fine on my deluge10:28
Romsteri did make llvm 4.0.1 ports but i never pushed it10:30
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frinnstjue cool. i added $EnableDiag=0 yesterday when I was working on it13:15
frinnstsorry, $EnableDiag=1 :-)13:15
frinnstemail works again. still points to the old ip. texted charlie to change it when he has the time.. dont want to put the poor guy to work during the weekend :-)13:16
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jaegerI just noticed something else:14:16
jaegerlrwxrwxrwx  1 crux users    19 Jul  9  2015 public_html -> public_html.2.2.49/14:16
jaegerdrwxr-xr-x 16 crux users  4096 Mar 14  2013 public_html.2.2.3514:16
jaegerdrwxr-xr-x 23 crux users  4096 Jul  8 07:12 public_html.2.2.4914:16
jaegerdrwxr-xr-x 19 crux users  4096 Jun 19  2015 public_html.2.2.7714:16
jaegerLooks like public_html is pointed at an old version of the folder14:17
jaegerFound this because someone pointed out to me the Main.Mirrors page is out of date14:17
frinnst yeah but thats the one that was live on the old server14:17
jaeger2.2.77 has the changes in it that I made to the Mirrors page14:17
frinnstalso the webroot is /var/www/htdocs right now14:17
jaegerSo at some point 2.2.77 WAS live14:17
jaegerI don't know who made the change or when, though14:18
jaegeror why :)14:18
frinnstnot sure when stuff was copied to htdocs i think tek did that14:18
frinnstbut the symlinks were like that on the old server - i remember i reacted to that too14:19
jaegerweird, I have no idea, then14:21
jaegerDocumentRoot in the vhosts still points to /home/crux/public_html14:23
jaegerthough maybe DocumentRoot in the httpd.conf overrides that? testing14:24
jaegeryeah, that's the case. yay, confusing14:26
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frinnstyes thatsa when i was testing stuff yesterday and that's what we need to clean up14:34
jaegerOK. I will probably remove all DocumentRoot type stuff from the main config and relegate it to the vhost configs14:41
jaegerDo you need to make any other changes before I do that?14:46
frinnstnope, go ahead14:49
frinnstcurrently trying to instruct my father to install connectwise remote control thingy14:59
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jaegerOK, SSL should be fixed up now. I'll play with the cipher/SNI settings in a bit, just wanted the basic setup working15:27
jaegerglobal SSL config goes in /etc/apache/extra/httpd-ssl.conf, vhost-specific SSL config goes in the vhost files15:27
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frinnstI have a new kernel ready, OK to reboot?15:29
jaegerGive me a few minutes if you don't mind, fixing up an alias hopefully15:30
frinnstyep no worries why dont you run the reboot when you're done15:31
jaegersure, can do. kernel is already in place?15:31
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jaegerHrmm.. I'm having trouble getting the /files/ path indexes to work... though browsing to them directly works again. Will reboot for your kernel update and then look again15:37
jaegerok, got that fixed. I've added a couple of comments to the httpd.conf and vhosts configs, hopefully they're helpful for clarification16:00
jaegerAnd we're still an 'A' rating on the qualys SSL Labs test16:07
jaegerI also just restored a few wiki docs that were older than the backup16:15
jaegerMain.About, Main.Download, Main.Handbook3-3-Package, Main.IrcChannels, Main.Mirrors, Profiles.PageIndex, Profiles.RecentChanges, Wiki.RecentChanges, Wiki.UEFI16:16
jaegerAFK for a few16:19
jaeger(er, to clarify, I restored them from MY backup, the ones in wiki.d were older than mine)16:19
jaegernow AFK16:20
jaegerOnce we're all happy with the new config we should definitely remove some of the older crap - like the wiki internals from ~crux/public_html as well as the extra public_html.* folders we don't need anymore17:55
frinnstany reason our mysql-port uses these settings?18:14
frinnstdefault-storage-engine = MYISAM18:14
jaegerNo idea here, don't think I've ever messed with the mysql config18:14
frinnsti'll work on getting flyspray up and running18:15
frinnstskip-networking is also a new one for me. all mysql installations i've worked on has used networking :-)18:15
frinnstah, the readme explains it all18:16
jaegerah, handy18:16
frinnsti think tek has already set a root-pw for mysql..18:18
frinnst.zsh/history ftw18:20
frinnstflyspray-db imported from your backup jaeger18:23
frinnstgood thing i have an old kvm-vm since a year or so ago18:23
frinnsttarred up your mysql dir, unpacked it on my vm and then dumped to a file18:23
jaegeryeah, the mysql stuff in my backup should all have been fine18:24
jaegersince I had both /home and /var18:24
frinnstyep, noticed /var/lib/mysql was a symlink to /home/<something> :-)18:25
jaegerYep. I don't know why that was done, either18:25
jaegerunless it was a disk space consideration18:25
frinnstnow it's in innodb atleast18:26
frinnstwow, it kinda works18:27
frinnsturl rewrites needs some love tho18:27
frinnstafk to watch some F118:29
crash_f1 yay :)18:32
jaegerLooking into gitweb now19:42
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juefrinnst, jaeger: thx for your work, I'll be more or less ofline for the next 2 weeks but will try to look at my ports from time to time20:30
jueif there's something important send me a mail20:30
juetake care :)20:31
jaegerHope you have a good vacation :)20:32
juecertainly, thanks20:34
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jaegerI'm not sure that our gitweb will work anymore. Someone who knows perl/js better than I do may have to weigh in on that20:51
frinnstno, will need to be updated20:58
jaegerShould I just install a stock one for now from the newe git tarball?20:58
jaegerhonestly I don't even know what we've got customized in the old one20:58
frinnstyeah I think thats the easiest way forward20:59
jaegerI think I will also move it out of ~crux/public_html20:59
frinnstare you done with the apache cleanup?21:01
jaegerThere's definitely more that can be done. I haven't removed old public_html dirs or the wiki from ~crux/public_html but I cleaned up the apache config files quite a bit21:01
frinnstits all in the vhost{-ssl} dirs now?21:01
jaegerI'm not an expert on apache, there's probably still a lot more we can remove21:02
jaegerbut feel free to take a look21:02
jaegerI think it's21:02
jaegermuch better now, at least21:02
jaegervhosts*/* are site-specific things, httpd.conf and extra/httpd-ssl.conf are global configs21:03
jaegerHrmm, actually, got gitweb working as cgi instead of mod_perl. Interesting. I have no idea why it works that way21:20
jaegerMaybe we don't need mod_perl at all if that's the case, I'll try disabling it again21:21
jaegeryeah, seems like mod_perl isn't needed at all. one less thing to maintain21:22
jaegerSo for now we're still using the customized gitweb in ~crux/public_html/gitweb/ - I didn't move it since I got it working again21:26
jaegerMaybe we should move it later, though, so it's not under public_html21:26
frinnsthm, why is flyspray trying to load stuff from ../ ?21:28
frinnstall the css, images and urls links to /21:28
jaegerMight be a side-effect of changing the documentroot21:29
jaegereverything that used implicit paths in ~crux/public_html before needs to be fixed, probably21:29
jaegerlike /files/, /gitweb/, etc.21:29
jaegerI haven't looked at flyspray so maybe that's something else... but could be related21:30
frinnstI dont think there was any rewrite-rules for it before21:30
jaegerMaybe not? I'm not sure21:31
jaegerfixing up /ports/ right now21:31
jaegerOK, I'm done with that so I'm out of your way for flyspray fixes21:35
jaegerAFK for a few minutes again21:35
frinnstah its up. niiiice21:38
jaegerCSS is borked but I can see bugs :)21:42
frinnstyeah it tries to find all assets under
frinnstnot sure why21:44
frinnstand all links are like this:
jaegerI don't see any directives that include /bugs in vhosts-ssl/, probably need to add some special handling for it since the documentroot changed21:47
jaegeroh... wait, you copied bugs to /var/www/htdocs as well?21:47
frinnsttek already did that21:48
jaegermore confusion :P21:48
frinnstand I dont think he has added anything to break it since i just renamed it and then copied the bugs dir from your public_html backup21:48
frinnstsurely the url's cant be changed by a rewrite rule nor any type of configuration change21:50
frinnstso is it defined in the database?21:50
jaegerI have no idea, never looked at flyspray before21:50
frinnstme neither :D21:50
frinnstthe documentation for flyspray seems pretty spartan too21:51
frinnstuh. my backupserver has frozen21:55
jaegerI don't see anything specific about paths in the flyspray_prefs table21:55
frinnstnow what21:55
frinnstrcu stalls21:55
frinnstwas hard to read the console but lots of rcu_sched_state detected stall on CPU21:56
jaegeroh, you mean linux kernel rcu stalls21:56
frinnstyep. 4.11.9 looks like a shit kernel21:56
frinnstback to flyspray21:57
frinnstuseful faq21:59
jaegeris flyspray still maintained?21:59
jaegeraside from their lacking docs, I mean21:59
frinnstlooks like it21:59
frinnstLatest commit 7f5f6aa 12 days ago22:00
jaegerhrmm, interesting22:02
jaegerlook at flyspray now22:02
frinnstwhat did you do?22:02
frinnstthe theme is my doing22:02
jaegeradded force_baseurl to the config filke22:02
frinnstreadding our theme22:03
jaegerok, cool22:03
jaegerI was about to ask if we had that theme somewhere else, heh22:03
frinnstthere we go22:03
jaegerLooks good22:03
frinnsthah wtf22:04
frinnstjust logged in and had 2 messages waiting to close tasks22:04
frinnstthe accept / deny buttons contains links. one task was prefixed with /bugs/ and the other wasnt22:05
frinnstwait, justfun did that just now22:06
frinnstComment by Just Fun (fun) - Saturday, 08 July 2017, 23:05 GMT+1 -- Edit -- Delete22:06
frinnstACTION slaps just_fun 22:06
frinnstSo is there anything else? Other than lists?22:08
frinnstAnd the timeline22:09
jaegerAt the moment I think that's everything. I'm sure someone will point out something we've missed soon22:09
jaegerIn the next few days I'll probably start moving some of the extra shit out of ~crux/public_html22:10
jaegerI'll make a new temporary folder called obsolete or something in ~crux and we can remove it all after we're sure it's not needed22:11
frinnstYou had backups running now right?22:11
jaegeryes. every 8 hours22:11
jaegerjust being careful22:11
frinnstill set up a daily backup to ship it to me too22:12
jaegerAnd currently set to keep 90 days of snapshots22:12
jaeger[Sat Jul 08 22:10:02.643981 2017] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 20101:tid 140169889941248] [client] AH01071: Got error 'Primary script unknown\n'22:12
jaegerWould be nice to fix this22:12
frinnstthats my ip22:13
frinnstclosed 2 flyspray bugs and loaded the main page22:13
jaegerThe IP isn't the important part22:13
jaegerIt's the error :P22:13
frinnstyeah, just thinking out loud :)22:13
jaeger is one hit I found22:13
frinnstI think we currently have the fcgi stuff in httpd.conf22:14
jaegerIt's in httpd.conf and vhosts/crux.nu22:14
jaegershould remove it from vhosts and fix it in httpd.conf, I think22:14
jaegerThe one in vhosts/ (notice non-SSL) is superfluous22:15
frinnstmaybe the linode solution?22:15
frinnstifmodule and pass it there22:16
jaegerlooks ok to me, go ahead22:16
frinnsthm, thats for apache 2.2 i think22:18
frinnstwe dont seem to load that module at all22:18
jaeger May be more useful22:19
jaegerThe proxy via handler section looks like what I was finding earlier22:20
jaegerour apache is sufficiently new to use a domain socket instead of TCP22:22
jaegerTo answer your question from email earlier, I don't recall exactly what mailman needs, that will require some investigation22:26
frinnstyeah that is preferred22:26
jaegerI don't think it had its own daemon, pretty sure it was just managed by postfix aliases and the like22:26
frinnstno it launches a bunch of stuff22:26
frinnstand it has its own rc-file22:27
jaegerAh, ok. Well, like I said, don't recall :D22:27
frinnstbut pointless to do anything with it until we get hte A-record sorted22:27
jaegerSo is it your plan to move the server back to his DC or no?22:27
jaegerIf it goes back there, maybe it just gets the original IP22:28
just_funACTION slapped, goes to bed22:32
frinnstyeah. Things will be busy for me the following weeks with everyone going on vacation22:32
frinnstso will be atleast 3 weeks before I can bring it down there22:33
jaegerSo it would be nice if the DNS could be temporarily repointed to your DC, then22:33
frinnst#yep22:33 and the MX records22:34
frinnstmx is already changed22:35
frinnstdidnt you get the email i sent out? :)22:35
frinnstno, it was graylisted for you address i remember seeing22:35
frinnstProxyPassMatch ^/(.*\.php(/.*)?)$ unix:/path/to/socket.sock|fcgi://
frinnsti assume "ProxyPassMatch ^/(.*\.php(/.*)?)$ unix:/path/to/socket.sock" should be enough then?22:36
jaegervindication/jaeger ~ $ host -t mx crux.nu22:37 mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 10
jaegerthe one for lists is, but not for the main domain22:38
frinnstyep but its then relayed to our host22:38
frinnstsorry, should have been clear22:38
jaegerAh, ok.22:38
frinnstI asked charlie to update the relay yesterday22:38
frinnstnope, that broke shit22:43
frinnstfuck it, i'll leave it at that for the moment22:44
frinnstfeel free to look into sockets22:44
frinnst(dead easy in nginx :D)22:44
jaegerI'll check it out later22:45
frinnstwait.. as long as the mail gateways relay to the mailinglists should work22:47
frinnstexcept for obviously22:47
jaegerdepends on how they do it, I guess, but maybe22:47
frinnstin my mind it was a separate MX A record22:51
jaegerNot sure I understand, MX and A are separate types22:52
frinnstno its true22:52 has address mail is handled by 10
jaegeryeah, that's what I was talking about earlier22:52 AND its MX are pointed at the old address22:52
frinnstyeah im thick22:53
jaegerGoing out somewhat soonish, I'll look at the php fpm setup and mailman when I get home, or tomorrow if it's too late22:54
frinnstyep no worries22:54
frinnsti'm gonna play some titanfall2 :-)22:54
jaegerSaw some of that on SGDQ this year, looks like fun22:54
frinnstIt can be22:54
frinnstand also very frustrating22:55
jaegerI've played lots of dark souls, I can take that :D22:55
frinnstthe game balance window is very narrow. often matches result in scores like 200-500 and if you would just switch two players from each team the game result could be 500-20022:55
jaegerHave you seen Anthem? Looks like it'll be badass22:57
jaegerAh, weird22:57
frinnstnope, checking the trailer now22:58
frinnstoh its in the titanfall universe22:59
jaegerIs it? I have no idea23:00
frinnstnah but if it wasnt an EA game they would get sued :)23:01
RomsterteK_, still has not bumped llvm i feel as if i should just bump it to the bug release fix23:15

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