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frinnstyeah go ahead00:33
frinnsthope he's ok00:33
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Romsterdone and yeah i hope tex is okay too.04:11
just_funfrinnst, those flyspry messages from me were 2-3 weeks old. My comment of FS#815 also includes "Field changed: Percent Complete (100% → 0%)", which I might do for fun, but I don't remember doing it. Not sure I could do it.08:22
just_funfrinnst, jaeger, the portdb/ shows older content (missing jmf and therealfun repos), also keys/ can't be accessed to see if the keys for these 2 are still there. Another issue is that, even before "the-big-crash", these last keys and Romster's, didn't have links in the repo index.08:44
just_funI think at some point the following repos were removed from portdb/: cbailey sepen slapdash syl xen09:20
just_funAlso, is old (because I remember that chapter 6.3 was fixed to point to Linux 4.9 instead of 4.1)10:32
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rmullIt seems like core/openssl has a dependency on xorg/xorg-makedepend, and does not build without it - maybe in an xorg-less system it wouldn't try to proceed with whatever step required the 'makedepend' command to exist but I just thought I should let you guys know13:34
rmullmy system does have X installed, but did not have xorg-makedepend13:35
frinnstcan you post the build-log somewhere?14:00
frinnstrebuilding openssl now without xorg-makedepend - I had it installed previously14:01
frinnstthe rebuild completed without issue without xorg-makedepend14:03
rmullSure, I'll remove xorg-makedepend and retry, few minutes please14:16
rmullThe log told me that 'makedepend' didn't exist, so I did a prt-get fsearch to find that xorg-makedepend provided it14:18
frinnstcheck out the util/domd script in the source tree14:24
frinnstccache thing maybe?14:26
frinnstjust_fun: yeah the portdb doesnt get updated yet14:35
rmullfrinnst: Testing now without ccache, I think it passed the sticking point successfully15:00
rmullYeah, finished without an issue, good call on that, thanks15:01
rmullIs ccache an "at your own risk" tool, or do ports get tweaked if ccache/distcc cause breakage?15:02
just_funI've tested with ccache (with and without CCACHE_NODIRECT). It didn't failed.15:03
jaegerfrinnst: I'm going to move the portdb's sqlite database out of the html dirs15:25
jaegerafter that I'll take a look at the fcgi stuff15:29
jaegerAh, the portdb cacher also used php DB, going to have to figure that out too15:36
frinnstopt/portdbc should work again15:44
jaegerIt's been years since I had to think about writing PHP16:25
jaegerAlso the portdb was sqlite 2.x before... I've converted it to 3.x16:25
jaegerTesting now before I reenable the cron job and repoint the web index16:25
jaegerportdb is now pointed at the new location. Quite a few failures, though, fetching repos18:53
jaeger78 failures18:54
jaegerfrinnst: I altered the php-fpm and apache configs a bit for that weird error19:06
jaegerphp-fpm is now listening on a domain socket instead of TCP, too19:06
jaegerThe relevant apache config looks like:19:07
jaeger<FilesMatch "\.php$">19:07
jaeger        <If "-f %{REQUEST_FILENAME}">19:07
jaeger                SetHandler "proxy:unix:/var/run/php-fpm.sock|fcgi://"19:07
jaeger        </If>19:07
jaegerI'm not sure the |fcgi is necessary, just followed upstream documentation19:07
frinnstyeah that threw me yesterday19:08
jaegerThings seem to work properly again, let me know if you see something I inadvertently broke19:15
jaegerI've ported the useful things from the crux user's old crontab, too19:42
jaegerLeft the useless shit out19:42
just_funthanks, jaeger19:59
just_funmy repo is listed now19:59
jaegerside note, who created so many .save folders and files? They're all over the place20:17
just_fun:) don't look at me :)20:18
jaegerfrinnst: I also got rid of the extra public_html copies20:32
jaegeralso portdb2 and portsdb, jesus20:35
jaegerit's a goddamned minefield20:35
jaegerfrinnst: ok, I've cleaned up a ton of shit in ~crux/public_html and /var/www/htdocs20:53
jaegerobsolete things from those have been moved to ~crux/obsolete_html/public_html.2.2.49/ and ~crux/obsolete_htdocs/ respectively20:54
jaegerThere's likely more we can remove but I'm getting kinda tired of looking at that for now20:54
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