IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-07-11

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frinnstbtw Im thinking about contacting charlie to see if I can drive down the server sometime this week18:08
frinnstits this week or in 4 weeks due to vacations at my company18:08
jaegerI'd offer to help but...18:13
jaegernot too bad18:14
jaegerthat looks like a nice place18:16
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frinnstwhy did we run dropbear on :2222 ?20:31
frinnstanybody remember?20:31
frinnstif openssh would die?20:31
jaegerBecause the openssh on port 22 was child-locked by big brother, I believe20:37
jaegerIt would throttle and drop connections which was quite annoying20:41
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frinnstACTION slaps teK_ 22:19
frinnstwhere are youuuuuuu22:19
frinnstbumped spice-protocol since I thought that contained a couple of security fixes but it seems the issue was in spice and they havent released for the branch we are on22:21
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