IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-07-12

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frinnstdamn, no netflow on the firewall in front of the server :(10:29
frinnstwould have been interesting to watch10:29
frinnst~5700 log entries per hour10:35
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frinnstno replies from charlie. i'd bet he's on vacation13:16
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jaegerfrinnst: do we have regularly scheduled dumps of the mysql databases in place? I think we did on the old server but I haven't looked yet. If you haven't done anything there I'll take a look at it17:17
frinnstnope, havent done ine18:09
frinnstbtw have you set up an ipmi account yet?18:11
frinnstI have the binaries to do that in my homedir18:11
jaegerpretty sure I did, I have it in my password store18:42
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