IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-07-14

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jaegerfrinnst, teK_: the portdb is having more trouble than it should refreshing ports - some collections that are obviously working fine on their end (like jue's for example) are failing with the php file/get_file_contents calls03:45
jaegerI thought it might be a user-agent thing but I wasn't able to figure it out03:45
jaegerIf you want to see what I mean, try 'curl' command line vs. 'echo file("");' in php03:45
jaegerI'm out for tonight03:46
jaegeryou can also look at test2.php and test3.php in my homedir if you want to see some of the things I tried03:46
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frinnstoops, i think i managed to delete the default route10:29
frinnstpreparing the network for charlie10:30
frinnstI might be able to get the server down there on monday10:30
frinnstnow what10:33
frinnst"You have no permission to view this section"10:33
frinnstUser: frinnst (ADMINISTRATOR)10:33
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frinnstodd, with operator privs I can do everything12:22
frinnstSpoke with charlie. I'll move the server down on Monday12:54
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jaegernice :)13:40
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