IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-07-17

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frinnstso now the A and MX points to the right ip again16:05
frinnstanyone up for some mailman fun?16:05
jaegerI'm working currently but I can look into it later if you don't get it before then16:09
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pedjafrinnst, take a look at fs#1441 (cairo CVE's patches) when you have time.16:20
jaegerteK_: are you alive?18:21
jaegerI saw you talk in #crux :P18:22
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teK_I am19:22
teK_am kinda sorry that you had to cope with stupid hardware with one crux less than usual19:22
jaegerJust wondered if you were ok19:23
teK_in fact, I am. it was pretty crazy @work the last coupe of weeks19:26
jaegerglad to hear it. I know how that can be19:26
teK_next week, I'm on vacation. We should start migrating our repos to gitolite, if we have the new server already19:26
teK_at least, I did come back with a nasty Poettering reference :))19:27
teK_you guys been doing okay minus the server crash?19:27
jaegeryep, alright here19:27
teK_glad to hear19:28
teK_over at frinnst' I see, that at least zoidberg still is surving his purpose19:29
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john_cephalopodaHow can I get a crux wiki account?21:17
teK_want do you want to do with it21:17
john_cephalopodaI was thinking about experimenting with the wiki main page design. I've restructured several main pages for wikis in the past, and I think that a design with boxes in two columns would make it more clearly laid-out.21:20
john_cephalopodaAn example of what I was thinking about is this:
john_cephalopodaI could create a page called "Sandbox" and prepare a design there, so it can be approved and critiqued by the responsible persons when it's done.21:22
teK_redesign as in graphics?21:22
teK_I cant promise anything but am fine with you giving it a shot21:23
teK_mail me, tek@21:23
john_cephalopodaThe link shows how it could look graphics-wise, with those boxes.21:23
john_cephalopodaWhat should I write you in the mail?21:24
john_cephalopodateK_: ^21:27
john_cephalopodateK_: Sent the mail.21:41
jaegerguess I won't look at the mailman config tonight :)22:46
john_cephalopodaAnd I guess that teK_ won't be able to set up the wiki account for me tonight :รพ23:13
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