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frinnsttrying to figure out how users & acl's work on the wiki..09:38
frinnstjaeger: you extracted the kernel source to /usr/src/linux-3.9.38 ? I see a kernel has been built in that dir too. May I ask why? I have the current kernel source under 4.9.x with the running config09:48
frinnstjust want to avoid confusion09:59
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frinnstwhats the status of opt/samba? did alan want to stop maintaining it?11:46
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jaegerfrinnst: because I wanted to look at the config in menuconfig, mainly13:14
jaegeryeah, I think jue is going to take it13:15
jaegerfrinnst: I didn't know what 4.9.x meant at the time. If you want to remove the 4.9.38 dir, feel free13:30
frinnstah ok15:13
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nomiusjohn_cephalopoda: I'm all for man crux, love old school stuff :-)20:59
nomiusThanks Workster!20:59
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john_cephalopodanomius: Somebody here said, that the crux manual is too long to make a good manpage.22:38
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