IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-07-22

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frinnsthm, how did we run ck4up previously? I dont find it in any cronjobs - or the database for that matter17:33
frinnstah, its already set up17:33
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jaegerIt was in crux's crontab18:30
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frinnstI dont think the timeline is updating18:50
frinnstits updated by running tlcacher.php ?18:54
jaegerI probably didn't get around to adding it back to cron because the portdb was broken :P18:55
frinnstah, ive added it now18:55
frinnstit fails on the git part because of permissions18:56
frinnstadding crux to the repo groups should be fine, right=18:57
jaegerIt worked on the old server without being in the repo groups, so what's different?18:57
frinnstyeah you'r right18:59
frinnstfatal: failed to stat '3.3': Permission denied19:01
frinnstdid you change anything? seems to be updating ok now19:08
frinnstI'll look at the git hooks tomorrow. we disabled mailinglist announcements when the ml was down19:10
jaegerI didn't19:35
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