IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-07-24

jaegerfrinnst: for some reason my backups have started failing00:56
jaegerI suspect the big brother software is getting in the way00:56
jaegerI'm going to set up the extra dropbear instance to test00:58
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jaegerAh, nope, wasn't SSH. Someone added me to the wheel group which broke sudoers ordering01:19
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frinnsthah yeah that was me06:02
frinnstsorry :>06:02
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jaegerfrinnst: have you reenabled the git ML hooks?21:52
frinnstah fekk22:30
frinnstno, forgot about that22:30
frinnstIts dead quiet at work, i'll look at it tomorrow unless you feel up for it22:30
jaegerSure, I'll take a look23:04
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jaegerok, they're enabled for compat-32, contrib, core, opt, xorg23:33
jaegerI didn't bother with the rest, not sure that any of them are active23:33

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