IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-07-26

teK_my first attempt was to use inotify and hand parsing stuff from the git logs00:01
jaegerthat doesn't sound fun00:01
jaegerespecially since we already have the email hook in place, it would be trivial to get it to also queue a message somewhere else00:02
teK_I patched that exact hook00:02
teK_it's a diff with 5 lines added00:02
teK_caveat with pipes really seems to be that the hook may hang if there's no consumer to the pipe00:10
teK_see for O_NONBLOCK00:10
teK_ an open for writing-only will return an error if no process currently has the file open for reading.  < if flag is set00:10
teK_an open for writing-only will block until a process opens the file for reading.  < if flag is not set00:10
teK_i.e. the hook will "hang" if the bot is not running00:11
teK_the redis thingy with pub/sub would work just fine, I guess00:11
jaegerJust an idea, I don't really care too much about the implementation00:23
teK_redis is the way to go I think00:27
teK_finishing the implementation atm :o00:27
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teK_but python is more clever than I am00:40
teK_wtf ..00:40
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jaegerhow so?00:47
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teK_I say:00:47
teK_    from redis import Redis00:47
teK_later I say:00:47
teK_    r = Redis()00:47
teK_the bot says:00:47
teK_ImportError: cannot import name Redis00:48
teK_doing import redis and later on r = redis.Redis() does not work either00:48
teK_both variants work with (i)python00:48
teK_oh boy00:57
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cruxbot^2core: jaeger has the nices commits of all01:04
jaegermy commits bring all the boys to the yard01:06
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cruxbot^2core: jaeger has the nicest commits of all, for real01:08
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cruxbot^2core: jaeger has the nicest commits of all, for real01:11
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cruxbot^2core: jaeger has the nicest commits of all, for real01:12
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teK_jaeger: is this ok @#crux?01:22
teK_maybe without ports/01:23
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teK_I enable the hook for our main repos01:30
teK_redis also is setup for running automatically01:30
jaegerI like the '[collectiongit/branch]: commit message' format for what that's worth01:30
jaegerlike [opt.git/3.3]: dbus: updated to 1.10.2001:30
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teK_too tired to tinker with that, can fix this tomorrow though01:32
teK_I want to fix this offline, not annoying anyone debugging the variables in the hook01:42
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pedjahm, I am getting 'Connection refused' with opt/john source. any ideas, teK_ ?14:23
frinnstits probably just temporary14:38
frinnsthttp works14:38
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pedjathe same with s_client. wth15:40
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pedjafrinnst, any plans to enable opencl for mesa?17:40
pedjait would require ocl-icd as a dependency, though, so I guess the answer is 'No' :)17:42
pedjaand ocl-icd requires ruby to build, for some reason,'s a mess17:47
teK_frinnst: did you intenitonally not copy $HOME from old to new?19:12
teK_also: I am having ssh connectivity issues, yesterday, they wnet away by themselves o_o19:13
teK_trying two-three times works19:15
teK_oh _________mavric6  :P19:15
frinnstteK_: just trying to keep it clean19:19
frinnstand a lot of users are inactive19:19
teK_will search for my old stuff then19:19
teK_some ports' sources are hosted in ~tek/public_html19:20
frinnsti have everything in my homedir btw19:20
frinnstjaeger has some stuff in his homedir too19:20
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teK_permissions / ownership bye bye19:24
teK_also, does our distfiles redirect still work? -_-19:26
teK_will check that later.19:26
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teK_so I hope the hook business is settled21:17
teK_next stop: fixing rc.d/redis :O21:17
teK_frinnst: any other use for cruxbot, then? ;)21:19
teK_btw anyone in here ever tried to combine start-stop-daemons user switching AND creation of a pidfile?21:24
teK_        $SSD --start -c $USR -m --pidfile $PID --exec $PROG /etc/redis.conf21:24
teK_worked. oops. :P21:24
teK_does not work, -m records the wrong PID. the redis-builtin PID-file mechanism cannot write a new file in /var/run as user redis21:27
teK_frinnst: did you migrate the letsencrypt scripts for our certificates?21:48
frinnstno, jaeger did that22:41
teK_btwI added you guys to the users group to make crontab work22:43
teK_tested, also? ;)22:43
teK_I had to wrestle with that more than once :O22:44
frinnstpretty much the only work i've done on the server was the wiki and flyspray22:48
frinnsthow are users managed in the wiki these days btw? i was looking around trying to give john_cephalopoda +rw but quickly gave up22:49
teK_via some special page within the wiki ..22:50
teK_now cruxbot runs as separate user, so does redis \o/23:00
jaegerI've only tested the letsencrypt certs as far as apache configuration goes, no renewal or the like23:06
teK_oh ok23:08
teK_will look after that23:08
teK_this should be de-root-ed one day, too23:08
teK_403 for the .acme challenge folder23:11
teK_did you run into that, too jaeger?23:11
jaegerI didn't try to access it, is that part of the letsencrypt renewal process?23:15
teK_I get a 40323:16
jaegerSo it needs to be accessible outside, I take it23:16
teK_maybe because the dir is outside /var/www23:16
jaegerfrinnst copied it to /var/www/htdocs/.acme-challenges, I'm sure23:17
teK_I checked23:17
jaegerSo what I'd suggest is use that path and remove the one in ~crux or wherever23:17
teK_the alias needs to be removed23:17
jaegerIf you want to keep it OUT of /var/www/htdocs for some reason, you have to add an alias and directory to the apache vhost23:18
teK_or adjusted23:18
jaegerWhich is the case for anything outside the DocumentRoot, really23:18
teK_that's there already!23:18
jaegerSo I'd say remove the alias23:18
jaegerand use /var/www/htdocs/.acme-challenges23:18
teK_Alias /.well-known/acme-challenge /etc/apache/le/acme-challenge23:18
jaegerok, neither of the paths in the alias are what we've mentioned so far, heh23:19
jaegerSo step 1) figure out where you really want it to live23:19
jaeger2) remove the other ones23:19
jaeger3) if it's OUTSIDE the DocumentRoot, add an <Alias> and <Directory> for it23:19
teK_directory for what?23:20
teK_before, only the alias was required23:20
teK_I'd like to keep it as le worked just fine before23:20
jaegerBoth are required with apache 2.4 if the folder is outside DocumentRoot23:20
jaegeryou can't keep it as before, that was old apache23:20
jaegerIf you leave it in /var/www/htdocs (the DocumentRoot) you don't need the alias or directory entries23:21
jaegerSo your choice23:21
jaegerWell, ok, that statement might be not quite correct, depends on the URI path23:21
teK_the <Directory> was missing :-)23:22
jaegerIf the URI is going to be, then you either alias it or make the full path available under the DocumentRoot23:22
jaegerOK, so you left it in /etc/apache/le?23:22
jaegerPlease remove the ones in ~crux and /var/www/htdocs, then :D23:22
jaegerTo avoid future confusion23:23
teK_why? :>23:23
jaegerTo avoid future confusion23:23
teK_of course23:23
jaegerI can think of no reason to have them23:23
teK_I am joking, pal23:23
teK_they are long gone23:23
jaegerI think at this point we're pretty close to done, right?23:24
teK_gitolite is missing23:24
teK_and as I said, renewing stuff for LE was root is not the right way23:25
jaegerWell, done as far as restoring what we had before but on newer hardware/software, I guess23:25
jaegerThat should be easy to fix23:25
teK_but featurewise.. yes :]23:25
teK_great job guys23:25
jaegerAre you going to work on gitolite or do you want one of us to do that?23:25
teK_the scripts have been quite a pita (also for serverop)23:25
jaegerWhich scripts?23:25
teK_I thought to myself.. yeah just dupicate the setup from serverop to crux23:25
teK_no no :-)23:25
teK_the letsencrypt ones23:25
jaegerOh, ok23:26
jaegerI can share mine if you like, it's a rather simplistic setup23:27
jaegerIt runs daily, checks the expiry date on the cert, and renews if it's within 7 days of that date23:27
teK_yeah I have that too23:28
teK_i just could not make it work by simply copying23:28
teK_but it works now so thanks ;-)23:28
jaegerok, no worries23:29
teK_-rw-------  1 root root 4334 Mar  4 22:24 vimrc-annoing23:32
teK_but having backup bla~ files lying around everywhere is not annoying?23:33
jaegerDon't look at me, I didn't do that :)23:33
jaegerThough I use my own vimrc most of the time, even as root23:33
jaegerwhich contains nobackup and noundofile23:33
teK_I have both but centrally in ~/tmp23:34
jaegerI think what was annoying about the default root .vimrc when frinnst and I started working on the server was that it threw errors every time vim was opened23:34
jaegerI don't recall what it was now, but something with the color scheme, I think?23:34
teK_undo even across opening files is a nice feature which has saved my ass quite some times23:34
teK_this is fixed already as ~root/.vim iwith it is present ;--)23:34
jaegerSo the only problem then is that it throws tons of errors for visudo - but that's easy to fix, I'll do it now23:35
teK_I never bothered :x23:36
jaeger$ sudo mv -v /bin/vi{,.orig} && sudo ln -sv /usr/bin/vim /bin/vi23:36
jaeger'/bin/vi' -> '/bin/vi.orig'23:36
jaeger'/bin/vi' -> '/usr/bin/vim'23:36
jaegerIf anyone actually wants vi to run in vi mode, we can change it back.. but that seems unlikely23:36
teK_some troubled existences maybe could want nano instead of vim :P23:37
teK_but not within our community I guess23:37
jaegerThey are welcome to use it if they prefer :)23:37
jaegervisudo probably respects $EDITOR23:37
teK_how about zero tolerance for nano?23:37
jaegerI don't care, heh23:38
teK_me niether :P23:38
jaegerI don't use it, myself, but if someone else does, that's fine23:38
teK_looking for the gitolite install23:38
teK_jue was a joe user, right?23:38
teK_I dont recall23:38
jaegerI don't recall either23:38
jaegerI don't think it's been installed yet23:39
teK_but "jue was here" according to who(1)23:39
jaegerAlso, suggestion - move git to /srv/git when gitolite is set up23:39
jaegerSo it's not in a user's homedir23:39
teK_now I only need to remember the details of my gitolite stuff23:39
jaeger(unless it's the git user)23:39
teK_for conventions?23:40
jaegerJust a personal preference, thing, if you guys don't like it I won't complain23:40
jaegertoo many commas, oops23:40
teK_I can try moving it, dunno if it's sensitive23:40
teK_we never were taught at school for English23:40
jaegerI suspect rather than moving it, importing would be preferred23:40
jaegerThat way we can go back to the old one easily if something doesn't work23:41
teK_we read shakespeare, sure. Commas? To hell with that23:41
jaegershakespeare is certainly an overload of english, hehe23:41
teK_na, I meant moving the currrent setup. it's in ~git23:41
jaegerHe even made up a lot of the words we use now23:41
jaegerOh, there's already a gitolite installed?23:41
teK_yes! I already spent quite some time tinkering with that23:42
jaegerAnother idea/question - should we install the gitolite port and use that instead?23:42
teK_and I am pretty satisfied with what's there, setting up new peopl is very easy23:42
teK_Matt... :-)23:42
jaegerOn the old server we had mailman installed on its own outside of package management, I migrated it to the port's directory structure with the new server23:42
teK_# pkginfo  -i | grep gito23:42
teK_gitolite 3.6.7-123:42
jaeger$ prt-get isinst gitolite23:43
jaegerpackage gitolite is not installed23:43
teK_# prt-get isinst gitolite23:43
teK_package gitolite is installed23:43
jaegerAh, someone has fucked up perms on /var/lib/pkg23:44
teK_thats still a bug in pkgmk, IMHO23:44
teK_it has to do with my umask23:44
teK_I promise to think about that in the future :x23:44
teK_I have umask 077 so ..23:45
jaeger$ prt-get isinst gitolite23:45
jaegerpackage gitolite is installed23:45
jaegerok, better now23:45
teK_all the stuff already is in ~git23:45
jaegerok, I'll shut up about it, then23:45
jaegercarry on :)23:45
teK_nah, I'm open for suggestions very much23:46
jaegerThe suggestion about /srv/git was just to have it outside of a user's homedir... but if the git user is dedicated for git use that's fine with me23:46
jaegerfor clarification, either way I'd use 'git' as the user23:47
jaegerthat's how I have it set up with my gitosis stuff23:47
jaegerthat I will eventually migrate to gitolite23:47
teK_yeah works the same on crux.nu23:48
teK_just in home/git atm23:48
jaegerThat's fine, then23:48
teK_care to take a stroll?23:48
jaegersure, have you added my key to a repo?23:48
jaegeror already imported all?23:48
teK_you have more than one, so I need guidance23:49
jaegerAll of the ones in my authorized_keys are current. ' backup' is only used for backups, though, no git ops23:49
teK_i'll pick a random one, then?23:50
jaegerif it has to be one, use vindication23:50
jaegerbut I'm pretty sure multiple keys are allowed23:50
teK_let's test just that!23:50
jaegercygnus is disassembled behind me currently but I can test on vindication and intrepid easily23:51
teK_I added all minus backup23:53
teK_let me figure out the git url ;)23:54
jaegerprobably something like git@crux:ports/core.git or similar?23:54
pedjaok, cygnus is a star, intrepid is Constitution-class starship. where did vindication come from? murky past :) ?23:54
jaegerpedja: all my systems are named for spacecraft from various scifi shows/movies/books23:54
teK_git clone
teK_but I have in ssh_config:23:54
teK_host git.crux.new23:55
teK_host git.crux.new23:55
jaegercygnus is from for example23:55
teK_ Hostname crux.nu23:55
teK_ Port 2223:55
teK_ User git23:55
teK_ IdentityFile ~/.ssh/crux23:55
teK_adjust to your setup23:55
jaegeryeah, I have an entry called 'crux' for it23:55
teK_User has to be git, obviously23:55
teK_so you 'need' a new one23:55
jaegercloning core worked23:55
jaegerpedja: yeah, I remember that one, but mine's from the movie :D23:56
jaeger can gitolite mimic the current paths?23:56
jaegerports/core.git, tools/webtools.git, etc.23:56
jaegerinstead of just core and webtools23:56
teK_I think so23:56
pedja'least scientifically accurate movie of all time' DeGrass obviously never seen The Core23:58
jaegernext concern: looks like the core in gitolite is quite old23:58
jaegerpedja: hehe, right23:58
teK_but thats ok23:58
teK_still it has all the previous history23:58
jaegerIt doesn't have recent history, though, heh23:59
jaegerShould sync up the ones from ~crux/scm23:59
teK_but that's a non issue23:59

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