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teK_done playing01:00
teK_ :o01:00
jaegerIs it ever going to say anything besides "unknown" in the last column?01:07
teK_good question, for CLI it works01:09
teK_mind trying gitolite once more?01:14
teK_btw, where is jue?01:16
teK_RT @rfc1036: Congratulations to @ICANN for breaking all whois clients with <ā€¦> . I released whois 5.2.17
teK_                  <>01:16
jaeger2 weeks of vacation01:17
teK_I guess I can do that update01:17
teK_thank god, we use per repo keys01:18
jaegerI can check out the gitolite-admin repo now01:18
teK_had to fix gitolite as the split key thingy you needed broke poor gitolite01:19
jaegeronly because you set it up the wrong way :P01:19
jaegerThe way it is now is still different from the docs, but does it work without errors?01:20
teK_appears so01:21
teK_can you push too?01:22
teK_and also, I still think it's a good thing to have dirs for groups you can use with our vanilla distro repos01:22
teK_ie remove the linux groups and use that instead01:22
teK_I will read up on your proposal from yesterday tomorrow01:23
teK_I wonder if both things can be combined01:25
teK_i.e. keydir/jaeger/key{1,2,3}.pub  and ln -sf ../jaeger .  (in, for example, core)01:25
teK_mind me trying?01:25
teK_before going to bed 8)01:25
jaegerI haven't tried to push01:27
jaegerI don't think key{1,2,3} helps01:28
teK_it would also make it harder to distinguish between real groups and users01:28
jaegerwhy do we care about groups on the filesystem?01:29
jaegerthat's what gitolite.conf is for01:29
teK_we wont in the future01:29
jaegerI mean even the names don't matter01:29
teK_you are referring to keydir?01:29
jaegeronly in gitolite.conf does it matter01:29
jaegerwhich is why I suggested keydir/jaeger/{vindication,cygnus,intrepid}/jaeger.pub01:30
teK_atm it's editing gitolite.conf vs creating a symlink01:30
jaegerthe keys need to be named "" but be in separate subdirs for multiple keys to work for my user01:30
jaegernot,, etc.01:30
jaegerI linked the page that explains it01:31
teK_and I mis interpreted it01:31
teK_also, I should not be doing any configuration stuff at half past three in the morning01:31
teK_feel free to tinker with it, I need to go to sleep01:32
teK_I just thought the symlinking to be elegant :]01:32
teK_also, let's have "auto" repos where keyname = repo name without extra config.. you know, for user repos outside the CRUX team01:33
teK_but that's something for a another day01:33
teK_also: ps aux | egrep '^root' tells me, I should look into gitd and rsyncd privileges, maybe some can be dropped01:33
jaegerI understand wanting to be elegant but in this case symlinks don't help01:39
jaegersince there are actually 3 different keys in question01:39
jaegerI'll poke at it soon, working on something else at the moment01:40
jaegerteK_: ok, commit 9d3b66d is what I had in mind. If that doesn't work for some reason we can revert it02:16
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teK_jaeger: fine by me09:12
teK_last missing piece: externally (in)visible migration of repos09:14
teK_and I am not migrating 1024bit RSA keys.09:15
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teK_jaeger: also paths for repos seem to be working11:09
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teK_jaeger: gitolite can use redis as a cache13:03
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jaegerheh, nice13:59
teK_gitweb also kinda already works with the new directory13:59
teK_for migration, maybe symlinks for ~crux/scm also will work14:00
teK_gitd now runs as git, not as root14:00
teK_will come back later. real life demands my presence14:00
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jaegerteK_: do you have perl 5.22 installed on your crux 3.3 system where you updated git?15:49
teK_I corrected the footprint, I thought15:55
teK_it's even in my vim history.15:56
jaegerIt's not in git, seems like15:57
teK_semi-related: shouldn't we reject commits with signature fails in them?15:58
jaegerHrmm, maybe15:58
teK_oh and I did believe you wrt footprints immediately ;-)15:59
jaegerI just linked it because you said it was in your vim history, just to show that it got lost somewhere in between15:59
teK_I know what went wrong (pebcak)16:00
jaegerWas trying to save you some time :)16:00
teK_I fixed it in git, then ran pkgmk -{um,uf,us}16:00
teK_s/in git/in vim/16:01
teK_never mind me being distracted16:01
teK_jaeger: regarding migration..16:28
teK_so symlinking works but brings zero gain as the authentication has to be changed so we can delete/separate/.. the OS users from our GIT permissions16:29
teK_should we just switch and notify people via mail to change ssh/git remotes?16:29
teK_this only affects authed users, ie crux devs (~6 people)16:30
jaegerYeah, that sounds fine to me. That way we also have a distinct point in time when the change happens for future reference16:30
teK_frinnst: any input?16:30
teK_because, if there are no objections I will just that in a couple of minutes16:31
teK_btw, feel free to pull again, I imported all the secure keys into gitolite already16:32
jaegerI just repulled my local repos, works great16:32
teK_frinnst: report in already16:34
teK_did you get a new key, anyway?16:34
teK_car key, that is ;>16:34
jaegerAFK for a bit, need to go out16:34
teK_I have your blessing, so have fun16:35
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frinnstyeah clean break and notify17:24
frinnstno new key yet. Sent an email to the dealer but havent heard back.. vacations and stuff17:24
frinnstanyways I have a spare17:24
frinnstalso, should we orphan sepens ports?17:24
frinnstHe doesnt have the signing key anyways17:25
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jaegerhe's been gone long enough now that I think it's safe to say he's retired or done17:44
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pedjaat least the patch for gtk3 that reverts hard coded DPI didn't break anything19:34
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pedjasadly, I don't have HiDPI monitor to test it on19:37
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