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jaegermore cruxbot testing?00:28
teK_actually.. no00:43
teK_I had to pull some things to make all our hooks work in gitolite00:43
teK_but know everything is sorted wrt scripts and permissions00:46
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teK_as a reminder for me, I will make the transition tomorrow, doing:00:48
teK_1. backup ~crux/scm00:48
teK_2. adjust that path in gitweb.cgi00:48
teK_3. sync the current repos into gitolite00:49
teK_4. set default HEAD via git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/3.3 for all repos00:50
teK_5. git config --add gitweb.{description,owner} as they are now [meaning we can get rid of those details in index.aux for gitweb.cgi]00:52
teK_6. adjust published paths for git:// and ssh:// in gitweb.cgi00:52
teK_7. spread the word to CRUX devs00:53
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jaegersounds great01:11
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jaegerteK_: did you run the pdbcacher manually at some point recently?14:22
teK_did it break? :P14:22
teK_also got a bug report from jue while on vacation14:23
teK_almost felt like I was at work ;-)14:23
teK_(i.e. I'm on vacation too)14:23
jaegerpermissions on the portdb.db file looked like your umask :P14:23
jaegerSo I was curious14:23
jaegerI fixed it14:23
teK_it always goes like this:14:24
teK_friend: hey teK_, can you share this and that with me?14:24
teK_teK: sure, here's the URL14:24
teK_friend: cool bra, but I get a Permission denied14:24
jaegerI've got a crazy suggestion14:24
jaegerMaybe don't use that umask on :P14:24
jaegersince it's shared14:24
teK_teK: chmod a+rx ~/public_html/hot_warez14:24
teK_teK: try again14:24
jaegerregarding the git hook log permission thing, at the time I wrote that hook it seemed like a good idea to block the push if the log permissions were wrong14:26
teK_and it should not be an issue anymore14:26
jaegerIf you guys think that's too strict I can change it but that was the intent with that particular bit of code14:26
teK_almost done with the switch.. remaining: historical repos14:26
teK_and it's fine IMHO14:27
teK_oh and:14:27
teK_8. Test / Fix hooks14:27
teK_oh and I will move the gitweb code and config from ~crux/.. to /var/www..14:28
teK_was a hardlink apparently14:31
teK_good thing, I deleted before checking14:31
teK_who does that?14:31
teK_*looking at frinnst*14:31
jaegerI don't think I've used a hardlink in years, heh14:31
teK_wtf. running find / -name gitweb.cgi right now14:32
teK_linux just fits my workstyle best :-x14:32
teK_got it, taking back EVERYTHING14:32
teK_maybe it cant work within pmwiki / htdocs14:34
jaegerwell, you'll need to adjust the apache config14:34
teK_did that14:34
teK_still works. I'm surprised.14:34
teK_## static files are in ~crux/public_html, not in14:35
teK_## /var/www/htdocs with the wiki.  -jaeger14:35
jaegerIf you want to move them, too, that's fine14:36
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jaegerI was more interested in getting things up and running than specific organization14:37
teK_was unsure if this was an old or a recent comment and I did not mean to disrespect ;)14:37
jaegerNo worries. It's a bit messy right now, no doubt14:38
jaegerWas just explaining, not feeling defensive14:38
Romstergit rebase origin/fatal: '/home/crux/scm/ports/compat-32.git' does not appear to be a git repository14:46
Romsterok i can't push to compat-3214:46
teK_because I disabled that :P14:46
teK_please try:14:46
Romsterdang it i just updated everything :D14:46
teK_it is not lost14:47
teK_git remote set-url origin
teK_you may have to update your ssh config to make use of your regular SSH key (but now for
teK_and I have yet to activate the hooks14:48
Romstershould i wait to push?14:48
teK_can you wait <10m?14:49
Romsteryeah there is no rush to push14:49
teK_you are UTC+10. Stil awake or already?14:49
Romsterit's approaching 1am sunday morning14:49
pedjaRomster, shouldn't you be somewhere on the beach drunk at 1am sunday morning :) ?14:52
teK_wrestling with a crocodile or something14:53
pedjaor huge ass spider14:55
Romsteri pick spiders up :P14:56
pedjaI stomp on them. Or run away screaming.14:56
Romstermeanine lol15:00
pedjaI do have a working relationship with the one in my room. He hunts the flies, I let him live there, rent-free.15:00
Romsterif they are not venomous i leave them be15:01
Romsteror relocate them15:01
teK_sounds like a good policy15:01
teK_but who has venomous animals anywhere near a radius of 50km??15:01
teK_not me, that's a given15:02
Romsterwhite tails i kill on site anything else venomous i relocate outside15:02
jaegerteK_: everyone in au15:03
Romstermostly get wolf spiders in the house here and they are venomous but at a such mild level i leave them outside, got a ton of them living along the fence line. great for getting rid of flies.15:03
pedjaI first parsed that sentence as 'white sharks I kill on site', and thought 'damn, what a badass'15:03
teK_yeah. Friends went on vacation there. NEVER TOUCH ANYTHING    :p15:03
Romsterbest advice unless you learn what is safe and what isn't15:04
teK_I am simply not going.15:04
teK_for now :-)15:04
Romsteri've got stuff in compat-32 contrib and opt to push, i'll leave them for the morning. and change the paths for git repos then too.15:04
Romsteri'm gonna get me some sleep15:04
teK_mind trying compat now?15:04
Romsterah i can now15:05
teK_I think so :O15:05
teK_/var/log/git and ~crux/git-..working thingy are owned by git15:05
teK_so that should work now15:05
jaegerI've set the pdbcacher to explicitly set umask, will see if that helps15:07
teK_I wonder how "my" umask should affect that in any way15:07
teK_in cron you mean?15:08
Romstergit remote set-url origin crux:ports/compat-32.git15:08
Romsterost git15:08
RomsterPort 222215:08
RomsterUser git15:08
teK_s/Host git/Host crux/15:08
Romstershould just work but...15:08
teK_also: Hostname What do you do :P15:08
Romsterah that's my block not crux...15:09
RomsterHost crux15:09
RomsterHostName crux.nu15:09
Romster#Port 222215:09
RomsterPort 2215:09
RomsterUser romster15:09
Romsterthat's the one.15:09
teK_then use git@crux: .. as remote15:10
teK_I have the same setup as you do, then (also on Port 22)15:10
Romsterfatal: 'ports/compat-32.git' does not appear to be a git repository15:10
teK_ git remote -v15:10
jaeger2222 also works15:10
Romsterhmm ok but i only have crux: on all my other was working git trees15:10
teK_and that's fine, Romster15:10
Romsterit got changed to 22 recently on the server migration15:11
teK_+ what you have in ssh_config15:12
teK_so both of you *do* show up in the gitolite logs15:13
teK_and now you updated something :-)15:14
teK_oh the joy, cruxbot also got word15:14
Romsterok it took ages but it finally etched rebased and pushed15:14
teK_maybe those spiders at the fence are stealing your bandwidth over wifi15:15
Romsteri thought my ssh alias would work to add the user and right host.15:15
teK_and it should BUT you have to use the git user15:15
teK_we will remove shell access for git only accounts so the romster@ will be gone15:15
jaegerI use this one for git and regular logins:15:16
jaegerHost crux15:16
jaeger        HostName crux.nu15:16
jaeger        Port 222215:16
jaeger        ForwardX11 no15:16
teK_I still wonder if we need the dropbear thingy at all15:16
jaegerat present, no. BUT if Charlie wants us to install the BB software again, yes15:17
jaegerWhich was a condition of the free hosting originally15:17
Romsterok updated all the git trees path15:17
teK_opt, too?15:17
Romsterand xorg15:18
Romsterwaitng on a compile to finish for opt15:18
Romsteri probably shouldn't do any more at this hour.15:19
jaegerI'm out for a while, if you need anything from me I'll check when I get back15:19
teK_yeah, get some rest15:19
teK_sure. I am done with the standard repos, will add the historic ones some time tomorrow15:19
teK_as I see things, this worked well. Last thing to do is notify all devs via email15:19
Romsterheading to bed i'll do more after sleeping15:19
jaegerYeah, I like the new setup too15:20
Romsterwell the migration had to happen sometime15:20
Romsterthe old install was getting crusty with all the old files15:20
RomsterteK_, can you lok at your contrib/psybnc it's  interactive and it keeps holding up me from building everything in contrib, i've been rm -r psybnc as a workaround.15:22
teK_will do that next week15:22
Romsteri know you are busy with server stuffs right now15:24
Romstergood night.15:24
teK_friends will arrive in ~30m :P15:24
teK_but yes, I am15:24
teK_hm, the description column of gitweb broke15:47
teK_that shitty thing15:47
teK_        description = CRUX opt ports15:47
teK_        description = CRUX opt ports15:47
teK_        owner = CRUX Ports Team15:47
teK_ports/opt.git ARRAY(0x30fcc88) CRUX Ports Team 2 hours ago summary | shortlog | log | tree15:48
teK_fixed. gotta rund.15:52
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