IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2017-07-30

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frinnstanyone else have problems with ssh on i've changed the remotes and tried a push but it first timed out13:03
frinnstah, now it went through13:03
frinnstunless its just me i can ask charlie about it13:04
frinnstiirc he did mention that they had some logic on port 22 to deal with brute force13:04
frinnstalso, is this a gitolite feature? commit 6546a12330c9c04eafc0d7eba820d9785d7303b6 (HEAD -> 3.3, origin/3.3)13:07
frinnstno, not a gitolite feature but this i guess: +-rwxr-xr-x     root/root       usr/lib/git-core/git-rebase--helper13:09
jaegerI had thought that the SSH trouble was because of the BB software but maybe it's somewhere else on the network in the DC. With that said, that's the point of the dropbear instance on 222214:12
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frinnstI'll ask charlie about that. sure we can iron it out17:47
teK_I have had troubles with SSH too but not in the last two days19:12
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