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teK_@marcan42: Microsoft: we accidentally did `chmod 777 /etc/skel` and 2 months later we have no idea how to fix it. Just Windows…
frinnstspeaking of windows. I just had a VM "shutdown"09:57
frinnstvery informative.. no clue as to why09:58
frinnstits like someone pressed the power button10:00
frinnstSQL Server is terminating because of a system shutdown. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.10:01
Romster"No user action is required" how about not shutdown at all10:01
frinnst2017-07-31T08:42:36.780Z| vcpu-0| I120: PIIX4: PM Soft Off.  Good-bye.10:04
frinnst2017-07-31T08:42:36.781Z| vcpu-0| I120: Chipset: Issuing power-off request...10:04
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pedjaif not activated, Windows Server shutdowns every hour? that can get annoying pretty quick12:31
pedjaTL;DR version of that article is at the *bottom* of the article. cute.12:34
frinnstits activated and our iso's wont shutdown13:07
pedjathey don't respond to hypervisor shutdown command?13:35
pedjaiirc, I had a similar issue with 2012r2 and libvirt.13:37
pedja'virsh shutdown ws21012r2' worked only when the moon was 2/3 full, or something13:41
pedjaI never bothered to see what the problem was, rarely use that VM13:42
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frinnstno the problem was that something sent a shutdown signal to the guest13:53
frinnstcustomer rang and asked why they cant access the server.. I take a look in vsphere: "oh, the server is shutdown"13:53
frinnstour spla isos can run indefinetly without a entered cdkey13:54
pedjawill hypervisor shutdown a vm if there was a problem with it?13:56
pedjaproblem with the VM, that is.13:58
pedjaare windows servers hypervisor-aware, or do they think that they run on a real hardware?14:00
pedjanever worked with vSphere/HyperV14:01
frinnstyeah but I cant find anything suggesting that. My only guess is that vmware-tools somehow screwed the pooch14:01
pedjayeah, that's the one thing I remember from the times when I used Vmware Workstation :)14:02
pedjaconverting Windows box from vmware to kvm is fun when you forget to remove vmware-tools14:04
pedjaand no longer have Workstation installed...14:05
pedjamounting vmdk, nuking them manually, and hacking the registry so they no longer start *should* do the trick, in theory14:11
pedjarelatively easy with libguestfs tools14:16
pedjais binutils update likely to break stuff?16:05
pedjaor require rebuilding the toolchain?16:06
frinnstI havent had any breaking from binutils - currently running 2.28.117:05
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juehello, I'm finally back :)17:37
pedjawelcome back17:37
jueand thanks for the great job with our new server17:38
jueseems to work fine, the only thing I'm missing is the ck4up service for our core ports17:39
jaegerwelcome back17:43
jaeger# run ck4up17:44
jaeger0 18 * * * /home/crux/bin/run_ck4up17:44
jaegerthat's in crux's crontab17:44
jaegerah, maybe a ruby issue17:44
jaegerfrom the log:17:44
jaeger /usr/lib/ruby/2.4/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:55:in `require': cannot load such file -- md5 (LoadError)17:44
jaeger        from /usr/lib/ruby/2.4/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:55:in `require'17:45
jaeger        from /home/crux/bin/ck4up:26:in `<main>'17:45
jueguess thats an old version of ck4up?17:48
jueindeed, run_ck4up calls the binary /home/crux/bin/ck4up, which is a bit old17:51
jueversion 1.0, latest from opt is 1.417:52
jueck4up is not regulary installed on, ok to install it?17:58
jaegerfine by me18:03
jueok, will do18:04
jaegerI see a new ck4up email, looks like it's fixed18:44
juebasically yes, but the ck4up.dbm database file is either corrupted or too old18:50
juewill try to fix that18:51
jaegerIs it sqlite or actually dbm?18:51
jaegerOK. No idea there18:53
jueno success to recover the old ck4up dbm19:54
juenot a big issue, I'll look through the ports manually, to see if something has changed19:55
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