IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-08-05

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Romstercan we use$version/bind-$version.tar.gzinstead of$version/bind-$version.tar.gz for core/bindutils03:58
Romsteralso i notice my core/bindutils also links with json-c krb5 in opt03:59
Romsterjue, I think it should be a rule that core ports do not link to anything outside of core?04:01
jueRomster: it is, but probably not written down yet07:42
jueRomster: thanks for the report, will try to fix that later07:42
Romsterno problem07:43
teK_could do that for bind itself, too10:37
teK_there was a report on timeouts for ftp://, worked for me though10:37
teK__________mavric6: you there?10:37
teK_frinnst: same for you10:37
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frinnstmav is on vacation11:57
frinnstgot a pretty autoreply when i emailed him11:57
teK_can we arrange for a catchall DNS pointer to
teK_i.e. {distfiles,bugs,..}.crux.nu12:41
teK_frinnst: did you watch Toni Erdmann, I dont remember if you liked it or not13:22
teK_also, if you saw/liked god of carnage, check out "The Party". :))13:22
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frinnstnope, havent watched any of them yet19:02
frinnstbtw looks like git commits no longer appears in the timeline19:02
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teK_as it looks at ~crux/scm21:33
teK_can have a look21:33
teK_btw jue: does ck4up still need checking?21:34
jaegerHe already fixed up ck4up21:36
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