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frinnst <- sepens ports00:16
frinnstShould we let it waste away as is or should we put them up for adoption?00:17
frinnstnew bug was just filed for jenkins00:18
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Romsterpitillo, can you poke sepen and tell him why he has let his domains/sites expire and is he ging to be coming back on anytime soon or should be considered retired. none of his emails work.06:36
pitilloRomster: I'll ask him, but it's hard for me too. I'll try to inform you08:59
pitilloRomster: sepen is still very busy, but he told me that he'll take back CRUX work soon (on holidays). He has some things to fix09:47
Romsterit's been ages pitillo, it would be gladly appreciated.09:59
Romstersepen needs to fix his emails so we can contact him when need be.09:59
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jaegerjust noticed a mixup in core/gcc's Pkgfile - should be 6.0.22, shouldn't it?20:35
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frinnstquite possibly21:50
frinnstI did the last update and dont remember touching that21:50
frinnstdo you have a update ready?21:51
jaegerNot yet, I just noticed it when building gcc 7.1. But I can make one easily enough22:32
jaegerIf it's worth doing22:32
jaegerWhy do we remove that file, anyway? Is it useless or problematic somehow?22:38
jaegerI don't really know anything about it22:38
jaegerI guess because of ldconfig noise22:39
jaegergentoo seems to move it to another location rather than deleting it22:40
jaeger /usr/share/gdb/auto-load/usr/lib22:40
frinnstyeah I was reading about that yesterday too23:45
frinnstin the lfs book23:45
frinnst(was looking for glibc patches but they seem to wait for gcc 7.2(23:45
frinnstmy keyboard should arrive tomorrow \o/23:49
jaegerI'm building a gcc package with the changes now, doubt it'll have any impact23:55

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