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frinnstits here!10:39
frinnst it has been running for about 4hrs now10:40
frinnstI wonder if i'll be able to have two different switches at work and at home11:41
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frinnstrebooting to a new kernel soonish12:42
frinnstcharlie is on site if something ought to go wrong with missing keyboards etc :-)12:42
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jaegerSo you only had one build fail there, so far14:05
jaegeryours is somewhat better than mine14:12
frinnstits still running at home14:12
jaegerThe output you have already demonstrates that it does have the problem14:13
jaegerunrelated to ryzen, anyone have any objections to adding ssh-copy-id to core/openssh?14:34
frinnstNO i fucking love it14:46
frinnstmanually install it everytime14:46
frinnstjue doesnt like it tho14:46
frinnstbut now its 2 against 114:46
frinnstalso, surprised and happy that is now a crux mirror14:47
jaegerIt would be handy, definitely14:48
juejaeger: no, go for it ;)15:13
frinnstjaeger: just got home. no more errors15:15
jaegerjue: ok, will do that today :)15:15
jaegerfrinnst: So yours is definitely more stable than mine, for what that's worth15:15
frinnstbut my computer has raised the ambient temperature by a noticeable ammount :)15:15
jaegerWhat model and speed is your RAM?15:15
frinnstdont rememer. let me check15:16
frinnstCorsair 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2400MHz CL14 Vengeance LPX15:17
jaegerAre you running it at 2400? And do you know what the voltage is?15:18
frinnstall standard15:19
frinnstI havent touched the ram settings. I can take a look next time i reboot15:19
jaegerProbably 1.2v, I'm guessing... does 'dmidecode -t memory' show voltage?15:19
frinnstSpeed: 2133 MHz15:20
jaegerThat makes sense15:21
jaegerIf you didn't change anything in the UEFI/BIOS 2133 is the default speed for DDR415:21
jaegerAnything higher is technically overclocked15:21
frinnstoh really. so I guess the "2400MHz" is just marketing what the chips are capable of?15:21
jaegerpretty much15:22
jaegerMy 3200MHz corsair kit runs at 2133MHz unless I either manually change the settings or apply the XMP profile15:22
jaegerusing the XMP profile is definitely the easy way to go15:22
jaeger(if your RAM and MB agree on it)15:22
jaegerI should swap the RAM with one of my other systems and see if it makes any difference15:24
frinnstjaeger: what switches did you have on your code keyboard?19:27
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jaegerfrinnst: cherry mx browns20:26
jaegerI've tried all the different switches except clears and I like browns best20:26
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frinnstyeah clears are just a bit heavier than brown21:57
frinnsti got clears with this board21:57
frinnstbut I think i prefer blue more actually21:58
frinnststill, havent used it for long21:58
frinnstbut the keys are a bit heavy21:58
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