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Romstergit footprint is out by old version of perl02:54
jaegerheh, we just went through that like 10 days ago, too02:56
jaegerteK_: update your perl!02:57
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frinnstwtf tek. still running 3.2?07:45
frinnstor are you still on 3.107:46
Romsteri fixed git up08:27
frinnsthm hyperv is odd09:09
frinnstoh it might be a secure boot issue09:11
frinnsti did disable it but it says its still enabled09:11
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frinnsthmm, shouldnt uefi with secureboot refuse to boot grub? and our ISO for that matter11:55
frinnstwe are running without any iptable rules currently. I rebooted the server with a new kernel the other day with iptables support. Created a simple iptables script thats located in rc.d/iptables - if any of you want to double check everything and do any modifications12:29
pedjaI tried to boot crux iso with MS signed UEFI and it doesn't work12:31
pedjajust hangs there12:31
frinnstgrub boots for me but when I try to boot a kernel it just freezes12:31
pedjait freezes before grub here12:32
frinnstthat suggests that secure boot is actually disabled then and something else is wrong12:32
frinnstlspci returned *nothing* during the install which it thought was very odd12:33
frinnstfucking hyperv12:33
pedjait's ovmf(edk2)12:33
frinnstyou're a ovmf!12:33
frinnst(whats a ovmf?)12:34
pedjareference UEFI12:34
pedjaqemu is using it, among other things12:34
pedjaopenSUSE ships secure-boot one (MS signed) for testing12:36
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pedjasame thing happens with separate code/vars and monolithic(I guess) UEFI image12:42
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pedjaLeap netinst ISO boots fine with SecureBoot UEFI12:58
pedja(Get-VMFirmware $VM).SecureBoot will return the current setting13:01
pedjaafter reading a few articles about SecureBoot, my little brain hurts :(13:25
frinnstyeah reading about stuff that restricts what you can do isnt very fun13:27
pedjawell, I get the point of it, from security perspective13:36
pedjathe actual implementation is giving me a headache :)13:36
pedja is pretty nice13:38
pedjathe issue is that the only UEFI implementation I played with is edk2/ovmf, which is pretty basic13:41
pedjaso it's hard to wrap my brain around some concepts13:41
pedjaI learn best by doing stuff :)13:42
frinnstwtf, firefox 56 requires clang?15:32
frinnstis this a joke?15:32
frinnstERROR: Could not find the clang shared library in the path /usr/lib15:32
frinnstreturned by `llvm-config --libdir` (searched for files [u'', u'']).15:32
frinnstPlease check your system configuration.15:32
jaegerI think what they're trying to do is make sure nobody ever compiles it again15:32
jaegerall distros will have to switch to binaries15:32
pedjaI am not a distro, but I did :)15:33
pedjaand 56 is when rust is no longer optional, iirc, so15:37
pedjaoh, I misread. clang? (sorry for the noise, as usual)15:38
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jaegeroops, I forgot to update core/openssh with the ssh-copy-id script. I'll do that now19:19
pedjaI always thought that its weird that Crux ships openssh without it, tbh19:23
jaegerI've wondered about it in the past but never until now stopped to investigate19:24
pedjadamn, openSUSE patches the shit out of OpenSSH19:29
pedjaand is stuck at 7.2p2, for some reason19:33
jaegerfrinnst: looks like gdk-pixbuf is missing a shared-mime-info dep19:45
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frinnstorly? thanks21:33
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