IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-08-09

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pedjathis doesn't affect us, right?
pedjalibrsvg-2.40.x CVE17:50
frinnstno clue, is 2.39 still maintained?17:55
pedjano. but I thought the reason for keeping 2.39 around is that it's the last version with gtk2 support?18:00
pedjaafaict, apps dependent on it can be built against 2.4018:05
pedjaadwaita, xfce xkb plugin18:05
pedjateK_, zsh-5.4.1 is out (well, the source is there, still waiting on release notes :) )18:31
pedjafrinnst, I can prepare a librsvg patch and test if it breaks a few apps I have which depend on it, if you want18:55
teK_Romster: I prefer an email first before changing my ports21:22
teK_pedja: thx21:40
pedjafrinnst, I'll ping you with FS# when it's done (probably tomorrow, cat needs my attention now :) )21:48
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