IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-08-14

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pedjawhy is gpg a symlink to gpg2 again?07:13
pedjaI ask because the latest gnupg (2.1.23) by default no longer builds gpg207:14
pedjathere is a configure switch to revert to an old behavior, tho07:15
frinnstpossibly safe to remote the symlink then07:30
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teK_proposal 1: add post-receive (or wherever) hook to do signature checking, refusing commits with broken signatures14:55
teK_proposal 2: add a feature to our neat redis / bot chain to auto-close flyspray tickets if the commit text contains closes FS#471114:56
teK_also, thanks frinnst for closing my git ticket :-)14:56
teK_I don't think we need gpg2 as symlink15:06
jueteK_: wrt post-recieve hook, generally a good idea, but wouldn't work for my two committs for start-stop-daemon15:11
juethe first commit, which I got from Steffen, is applied with git-am the second adds the signatures15:13
teK_collect all ports touched and only check them?15:13
teK_i.e. two commits have to be pushed in one go?15:13
teK_dunno if that's possible, though15:13
juewell, no idea there15:15
teK_I can check it out :)15:15
jueit's not unusual that we get patches from other peoples and it is nice to keep the commit-message and the author15:17
teK_totally understood15:20
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just_funtek_, the post-receive hook doesn't have to refuse commits, just to make a note/file when ports don't check and remove the note/file when they do, and have a cronjob looking at mtime of those notes and open/close bugs if older than 1h18:13
teK_turns out there seems to be no REST api for flyspray19:09
teK_fun with fiddling either PHP or sql directly incoming19:09
teK_just_fun: yeah.. even a warning would be enough and easier to implement19:09
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frinnston a new toolchain now, gcc 7.2 and glibc 2.26 or whatever just got released20:03
frinnstwill require some more work than the previous couple of versions it seems20:04
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