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teK_03:01 < cruxbot> tools: teach cruxbot a new trick for auto-closing tickets if their FS# is mentioned in the first line. Closes FS#145701:01
teK_enjoy :]01:01
teK_I'll add an actual reference to a commit later this week.01:07
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frinnstfailed ports with my new toolchain:
frinnstnot too bad06:05
frinnstI only looked at the efi* ports so far. it seems it builds with fail on warn so that should easily be fixed06:06
frinnstsame with json-c06:06
juefrinnst: guess a --enable-obsolete-rpc will fix the nfs stuff?06:27
frinnstyeah i'd think so06:27
frinnstmesa3d just finished building - guess there are some ryzen failures in that list :-)06:28
frinnstso the rpc removal was to encourage competitive rpc implementations07:21
frinnstbut are there even any?07:21
frinnstlibtirpc isnt a replacement, right?07:21
frinnsti remember last time they tried to remove it from libc..07:22
jueI don't know of any07:26
juesometime libtirpc might become one, but who knows ;)07:27
frinnstI wonder what the hurd people think about removing it since they are very dependent on rpc07:27
frinnstand both are gnu projects07:28
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frinnstbtw 2.26 is not 100% abi compatible13:35
frinnstopenssh was one of the packages i needed to rebuild13:35
frinnstpython too iirc13:35
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frinnststruct ucontext seems to bite a couple of ports. Should be easy to manually patch if we need to15:52
frinnstqemu & strace are the ones i've noticed15:53
frinnstits a glibc change15:53
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jaegerstuff for a next release?16:10
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frinnstperhaps :-)19:22
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frinnst oh god20:53
frinnstquick and dirty port:21:11
frinnstnewest libepoxy depends on meson now. here's a testport:
frinnstpermissions got changed from 644 to 664 for some reason21:13
frinnstMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/epoxy/gl.h21:13
frinnstNEW       -rw-rw-r--      root/root       usr/include/epoxy/gl.h21:13
frinnstnot sure if its a meson thing or libepoxy21:13
frinnstand meson depends on python321:14
jaegerfrinnst: does lm_sensors work with ryzen currently?23:18
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