IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-08-16

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jaeger <-- here's that gcc tweak we talked about a week or so ago05:05
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frinnstoh right, forgot about that. cheers06:30
frinnstwell there are no drivers for the on-board sensor on the cpu07:12
frinnstand I dont have in-tree drivers for my motherboard sensor yet. but the sensors maintaner guy has a working it87 driver in his repo for my motherboard07:13
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jaegerfrinnst: yeah, I forgot about it for a while, too :)14:06
jaegerI'd suggest we wait for the next gcc 6.4.x release or the next crux release for that tweak, though. It's not worth a gcc rebuild JUST for that14:10
pedjafrinnst, I am curious if you checked how much of core/opt break with openssl-1.1.x14:39
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frinnsthavent checked in a while but when i tested with a and b it was *a lot*15:09
frinnstdoubt much has changed15:09
frinnstjaeger: yeah or maybe for 3.4 :-)15:10
jaegerhence the "or the next crux release" bit :D15:11
frinnstheh sorry. have an eye infection :D15:14
jaegerdoh, sorry to hear that15:28
pedjafrinnst, pink eye?15:38
pedjathe full on, swollen eyelids, or 'just' the redness?15:40
pedjain either case, the best treatment is washing up as often as you can with just the regular water15:43
pedjasource: I've been wearing contact lenses for 20+ years :)15:46
pedjaso I've seen my fair share of those15:47
frinnstred and burning sensation15:49
frinnstand im running a fever with a cold coming on15:49
frinnstjust general shittyness15:49
pedjasorry to hear that15:50
frinnstdoubt it will be fatal so no worries :)15:51
pedjathere are no historical records that any Viking died of cold, apart from cold steel, so you'll be fine :)15:59
pedjamost of the people here have minor cold, 20+ drop of temperature does that16:03
frinnsthalv of sweden become sick this time of year16:30
frinnstvacations over, kids back to school16:30
pedjakids maybe, teachers are already talking about traditional start of the school year general strike :)16:42
pedjademanding higher pay and all that16:43
pedjayet another part of this country that's a mess16:46
pedjaselling guns to SA it's one of the rare things that goes smoothly these days16:47
frinnstbah.. pango changed to meson mid 1.40.x19:25
frinnstteK_: opt pushes no longer appear in the timeline19:27
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