IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2017-08-20

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frinnsthmm, cruxbot announced 2 pushes to opt21:01
pedjafrinnst, prt-get git repo is not at
teK_frinnst: yes, neat-o, right?21:41
teK_frinnst: double-announced or where's the issue?21:44
teK_pedja: fixed.21:57
frinnstno, just that it doesnt announce everything it seems22:36
teK_from contrib/opt?22:38
teK_btw Baywatch 2017? Really? :P22:38
teK_1503268940.819217 [0] "RPUSH" "commits" "[contrib.git/3.3]: bridge-utils: update mandir\n"22:42
teK_1503268940.825025 [0] "LLEN" "commits"22:43
teK_1503268940.825238 [0] "LPOP" "commits"22:43
teK_= it gets pushed and the bot also feteches the commit22:43
teK_oh well :)22:43
frinnstI pushed gdk-pixbuf and btrfs-progs that didnt appear22:54
teK_best guess: the bot module is threaded and there's a race ..22:55
teK_becuase redis kinda was flooeded with LLEN requests by multiple threads, restarting slowed that down22:55
teK_something for another night ...22:55
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