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pedjafrinnst, does this affect you?
jaegerthat seemed pretty inevitable00:29
jaegerthe VCSA is good00:29
pedjaVCSA is Linux-based appliance?00:39
pedjaRH, I presume :)00:39
jaegersles, I believe00:39
jaegermost of the vmware appliances are some form of suse00:39
jaegerat least the ones I've used00:40
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pedjareally? that's cool. Leap is very well put together00:42
jaegerI think the latest version is photon now but was SLES before00:43
pedjaphoton is Vmware's minimal OS, right?00:44
pedjado you go regularly to VMworld, jaeger ?00:47
jaegerI've gone twice before and I'm leaving sunday to go again this year00:47
pedjanice. Las Vegas, the city of sin00:49
jaegerI've been to LV enough times now that I'll be fine when VMworld goes back to SF next year00:49
pedjado you prefer blackjack or poker :) ?00:50
jaegerLV is fun but been there quite a few times now00:50
jaegerI don't gamble at all00:50
jaegerI have notoriously shit luck00:51
pedjaisn't that against the law in LV?00:51
pedjanot gambling, I mean00:51
jaegerheh, thankfully no00:52
pedjaI've been to Venice Casino a few times. I won fuck all :)00:53
pedjabut it was an interesting trip00:54
jaegerthat's good00:54
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frinnstpedja: nah09:15
frinnstwe are on 5.1 for our production environment. We will move off that within a few months to hyperv09:18
pedjaServer 2016?09:26
pedjayou mentioned when running a cluster with different CPUs, you have to disable some stuff, because of migration I guess09:39
pedjalibvirt can calculate cpu baseline for all the nodes. how does that work in Vmware/Hyperv? automagically or?09:41
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frinnstwith vmware you specify the generation manually - say "sandy bridge"12:27
frinnsthyperv is not that precise. You pretty much have to disable everything except for sse12:28
frinnstwe will probably run a separate cluster for pfsense firewalls so we can utilize aes-ni12:28
frinnstdid some basic tests with and without aes-ni. 70-80mbit compared to 800+12:29
frinnstdont remember exactly what cpu it was other than e5-2600 v4 series12:30
frinnstipsec obviously12:31
pedjayou run virtualized pfsense? interesting.12:44
pedjapfsense instance per client network?12:46
frinnstthats the plan12:49
frinnstcurrently we use a vmware solution that sucks ass12:50
frinnstipv4 only12:50
pedjawhich is just...sad, being 2017. and all12:52
frinnstyeah the tech is from 2012 or something12:53
frinnstabandoned like most things from vmware12:53
pedjalots of goodies here
pedjathe biggest change is dropped 386 support, and people are already whining :)12:59
pedjaI like that they plan to eventually be 'just' a set of packages on top of vanilla FBSD13:01
pedjasame for FreeNAS13:01
pedjaa bit easier to maintain13:02
pedjaI'll wait 2.4 release to spin up a VM to play with it a little, to see what all the hype is about :)13:04
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frinnstdidnt find anything really interesting about 2.4 tbh14:28
frinnstalso the RC is expected to be the final release anyways so might just as well start playing with it14:28
pedjaI can't run multiple VM's, so I'll probably use several Docker containers to make some traffic thru it. should be fun15:00
pedjaI am confused on when and for what to use ELK or Grafana or Graphite or whatever15:10
pedjalooks like Grafana is crowds favorite, since it can use quite a few data sources15:15
pedjabut I am getting ahead of myself again. learn to crawl before you walk, or smth15:29
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