IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-08-30

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frinnsthm, we dont offer libidn2 in any official repo, right?14:16
frinnstopt/libidn is "maintained" by sepen, but still on v114:16
frinnstwe are happy to announce the release 2.0.4 of libidn2.14:16
frinnstTwo integer overflows have been fixed.14:16
pedjafrinnst, when you have time, check out fs#1453 (cmake update)14:40
pedjaI've been using it for a while now, without issues14:41
frinnstoh right, its a sepen port14:50
pedjateK_, since pyparsing is python-parsing now, you might want to fix opt/spice-protocol17:57
pedjacontrib/spice, too :)18:04
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pedjafrinnst, you were right, pfSense is cool21:45
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