IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-08-31

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Romsterdamn it i went to go update cmake nwo a 3 way merge bah09:54
RomsterFS ticket was still open09:54
Romsternevermind reverted my change in my local git tree.10:02
frinnstodd, I included FS#1453 in my commit msg10:05
frinnstshould have autoclosed10:05
frinnstanyways, sorry :-)10:05
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Romstermy fault for not looking hard enough first.11:02
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frinnstI assigned myself as the maintainer but I dont really want it - if someone else uses it a lot feel free to adopt it12:10
frinnstpedja: speaking of ram yesterday. We stripped an old customer pc the other day and it has 2x2gb ddr212:11
frinnstif you want it I can post it over12:11
pedjathat would be awesome :) let me now how much it costs you, so I pay you back via bank transfer12:13
frinnstno worries12:20
frinnstgive me address and stuff12:20
pedjaemail sent12:27
pedjawith a typo in the subject line, naturally.12:33
frinnst"Post adress" - that's swedish for "post address" so all good12:41
frinnstgod damn I hate that ip is placed in the wrong path in crux13:08
frinnstfredrik@femputer:~$ ip neigh13:08
frinnst-bash: ip: command not found13:08
frinnstand traceroute6 is in /usr/sbin13:08
frinnstanyone see a problem with adding a symlink to /bin/ip in iproute2?13:09
frinnstand installing traceroute6 under /usr/bin - like traceroute13:09
frinnstACTION is deploying ipv6 at work currently13:10
frinnstroot@femputer:/home/fredrik$ ping6 ping.sunet.se13:11
frinnstPING 56 data bytes13:11
frinnst64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=58 time=7.02 ms13:11
frinnst3 sites down, a couple of hundred to go13:11
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frinnstpedja: you have mail! well not yet15:03
frinnstmaybe late next week?15:04
pedjathat would be my guess15:04
pedjait's been a while since I was looking forward to see the postman :)15:05
pedjadelivering something other than bills15:05
frinnstwell its only 2 additional gb's :)15:07
pedjaevery bit counts :)15:07
pedjawas it expensive? this neck of the woods is pretty far from Sweden15:09
frinnstnah dont worry about it. buy me a beer if we ever meet :)15:10
frinnst8EUR or something15:10
pedjadeal :)15:24
pedjathat's about 5 pints of draft beer15:28
pedjathe good local one, of course15:32
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frinnstlol? its like 1 beer here16:21
pedjaalcohol is cheap here, cheaper than in the EU, at least.18:23
pedjathat's why most of the visitors to Exit festival are drunk most of the time :)18:24
pedjacheap booze, beautiful women, what more can you ask for18:25
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