IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-09-01

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pedjafrinnst, are you using ansible?15:49
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frinnstnot really. I use it to update a bunch of servers - thats it17:05
frinnstI rarely have time to play with fun stuff. Right now I do, but chose to play with ipv6 instead17:05
pedjaI have a strange issue with 'ansible-galaxy'. it throws an ssl related error unless I force it to ignore SSL cert errors17:15
pedjaafaict, python is using the correct cert store17:22
pedjaetc/ssl/cert.pem (symlink from ca-bundle.pem, go and some other stuff were complaining about it)17:24
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pedjaheh, it works as root, and I am now officially confused wth is going on18:51
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jaegerI'm back home now. Finally got a chance to meet j^2 in person on this trip, good times22:25
pedjawelcome back22:31
pedjasince 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas', you can't talk much about the trip, right :) ?22:32
jaegerIt was a good trip. I don't do anything crazy. Went to my conference sessions, ate a lot of great food, drank a lot of alcohol22:33
pedjagood man22:33
pedjaany interesting sessions?22:34
pedjasome new shiny, perhaps?22:34
jaegerquite a few. I always like the "new features that are coming soon" stuff and went to a ton of vSAN sessions since I use it at home and work22:35
jaegerridiculous performance numbers upcoming on all-nvme vSAN setups with purley/skylake stuff22:35
pedjastorMagic, that kind of stuff?22:37
jaegerVMware's vSAN in this case but probably similar in some ways22:38
pedjathey had a booth at VMWorld, so you probably saw them :)22:40
jaegerI may have, yeah. Lots of booths there22:40
pedjafree swag?22:40
jaegergot a few shirts, some pens, stuff like that. a fidget spinner for a coworker22:41
pedjafidget spinners are all the rage, apparently, Level1Techs even named one of the episodes after them22:41
jaegerYeah, I see them frequently now22:42

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