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pedjarather boring coreutils release. few bugs fixed, few features added, nothing breaks (afaict)07:40
pedjaACTION now waits for Murphy to strike07:42
frinnstyeah saw that07:44
frinnsthavent looked at it yet07:45
pedjasome bugs from the beginning of time were resolved :)07:59
pedjalike 'cp, install, ln, and mv no longer lose data when asked to copy a backup file to its original via a differently-spelled file name.'08:00
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pedjathe fun part is 'the bug was introduced in the initial implementation' :)08:23
Romsteromg what08:23
frinnstwell it it took.. what? 20 years to find? probably nobody ever used it08:44
pedjaor thought of it as of yet another Linux...warts?09:15
pedjaas in 'it's probably supposed to do that' :)09:20
pedjait is scary to think that someone's shell script depends on that broken behaviour09:26
frinnstI wonder if they repair or just pull new cables. repairing ought be a lot cheaper but my god it would be a tough job09:44
pedjaone of the best articles I've read on the subject09:56
pedjalocal ISPs repair their fiber infra pretty often09:58
frinnstcool shit09:58
pedjayup. people just don't realize what technological marvel Internet truly is :)10:01
pedjas/don't realize/don't care/10:04
pedjafor most, Internet=FB/Instagram/whatever10:04
pedjait's interesting that Apple cult members^Wusers are so accustomed to walled garden that they frequently whine that Twitter should become the same10:08
pedjarequire photo ID to open an account, because 'I want to know who am I talking to'10:09
pedjawhich is fscking insane10:09
pedjaand sad, at the same time10:09
pedjathey just don't get that the fact that they are using their real name doesn't make their opinion more valuable10:11
pedjaand vice versa, 'hornySquirrel' might be a world class expert on the subject, but chooses pseudo anonymity for some reason10:16
frinnst looks good10:56
RomsterI am not seeing any latency spikes. guess the majority of my traffic is unaffected11:19
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pedjathis is cool
frinnstwell, rma got approved12:26
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frinnstproduct part number andf serial number.. what a pain in the ass12:39
frinnstdont have the original packaging anymore so guess i need to remove the cpu....12:40
pedjado you have a backup, laptop or something, while you wait for it to return?12:50
Romsterback to the k450 :P13:17
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frinnstany objections to me adding a symlink to /bin/ip ?17:21
frinnstits driving me nuts at work17:21
frinnst(and no, adding /sbin to my path or creating aliases are not a practical workaround for me)17:21
frinnstmy current queue:
frinnstyell loudly if there are any objections - i WILL push this before I go to bed otherwise :-)17:24
frinnstACTION pokes jue, jaeger 17:25
jaegerDoesn't bother me17:42
jaegerI add /sbin and /usr/sbin to my path on all my systems but no strong preference17:48
juefrinnst: no objections18:44
juebtw, new eudev release breaks keyboard/mouse for me, at least on my laptop, please test18:48
jueguess its because of the first change here ->
frinnstjue: did you poke blueness about it?18:52
juenot yet, want some other tester first18:57
jaegerI'll give it a try after lunch18:58
jaegerfrinnst: I saw you comment about an RMA, was that your ryzen CPU or something else?18:58
juejaeger: thanks18:59
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jaegerjue: trackpad and keyboard break in X, yes19:44
juejaeger: thanks for testing, will create a bug-report tomorrow19:48
jaegerno problem19:49
frinnstjaeger: cpu, yeah20:58
frinnstUA 1707SUT20:59
frinnstso, week 720:59
frinnstwhat date is yours from?20:59
jaegerweek 521:14
jaegerI requested an RMA as well but I don't expect to hear anything for a couple days at least21:14
frinnstI've had communications with them every week-day. there are a couple of steps they make you jump through21:23
frinnstI contacted their tech support first and then i was asked to file a rma21:23
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