IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-09-05

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pedjawell, that was quick.12:37
pedjafrinnst, your package arrived, I'll go later to pick it up12:37
pedjait couldn't fit in the postmans bag, he says :)12:38
frinnstholy hell that was fast13:06
frinnstyeah the box I used was a wee bit big13:07
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frinnstjust make sure its the correct type! i sent out 2x512mb sticks to someone from #crux years and years ago14:16
frinnstturned out he had ddr314:16
frinnstbut he noticed that after he fied the sticks and motherboard14:16
frinnstdont remember who it was14:18
pedjaddr2 stick into ddr3 slot? hth he managed to do that?
jaegerWould take a lot of work, heh14:25
jaegerI imagine that's how he "fried" it14:25
jaegerbroke the slots or something14:25
pedja'whenever you make something idiot-proof, the nature just creates better idiots'14:26
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frinnstyeah i dont know. maybe he did something stupid and said that to shift the blame15:29
frinnsthmm, ryzen3 looks "cheap"15:31
frinnstmight be worth the trouble if im gonna be without a cpu for a week+15:31
pedjafrinnst, my friend, you packaged the hell out of this RAM :)15:42
pedjaand it's DDR2. pretty nice sticks, too15:43
pedjaso that's how non-generic RAM looks like. cool.15:44
frinnsthehe we received some stuff that day, reused the packaging15:49
frinnstfuck it, ordering a ryzen315:50
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frinnstare they working?17:33
pedjaI'll try them tomorrow17:54
pedjaforgot to buy CPU paste and isopropyl alcohol. I might as well clean it up and replace CPU paste, too17:56
pedjait's been a while17:58
jaegeryeah, the ryzen 3 line seems really well priced18:33
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