IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-09-07

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Romsterheads up building newer ninja and chromium02:48
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pedjaRomster, when you have time, check out FS#1465 (libsndfile CVE update)14:42
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frinnstjue: something nasty in tcpdump. embargoed. 4.9.2 is out20:12
pedjabunch of CVE20:18
pedjahow does embargo work with source out in the open, I wonder20:19
frinnstthey do it all the time20:23
frinnstonly the distros list are told20:24
frinnstie redhat, debian, ubuntu, arch and a few others20:24
frinnstso they can coordinate releases20:24
pedjaso Arch broke the ranks :)20:26
frinnstwell if tcpdump published the code publicly they did20:29
pedjawhat do you mean, 'publicly'? CVE patches were pushed to GH 5 days ago20:31
frinnstthey hide the fix when its embargoed20:32
frinnstprivare repos and such nonsense20:32
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