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juefrinnst: thx for the hint, will look at tcpdump later09:11
jueand thanks for the DealingWithGithub page ;)09:20
frinnstall thanks to just_fun :-)10:21
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pedjafor all of you Team Red fans, new releases for amd and ati xorg drivers are out (1.4.0 and 7.10.0)15:09
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just_funfrinnst, jue: all thanks to Marcus from Sweden (
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frinnstI should get my backup up and running again21:57
jaegercouldn't hurt21:58
frinnstyou are running rsync from your box to
jaegeryes, basically21:59
jaegerI can share the script I use if you like22:00
jaegerIt doesn't have any error checking, just a quick and simple one22:02
jaegerin the conf dir I have a file called '' that sets HOST, PORT, BACKUPUSER, BACKUPKEY, and MOREOPTS22:03
frinnstlooks simple enough22:03
jaegerI set it up that way so I can back up plus my VPSes22:03
jaegerall to the same ZFS pool22:03
jaegerWould be easy to modify for btrfs or whatever you want22:04
jaegerThere's a nopasswd config in sudo for my user on the server to facilitate this22:07
jaegerIf you add one for your user, make sure it's AFTER your main entry in the sudoers file22:07
frinnstmy user is already nopasswd :-)22:08
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jaegerWell, there you go. :)22:09

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