IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2017-09-10

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Romsterconfigure: WARNING: Disabling GSSAPI - no include files found01:11
Romsterchecking for gssapi/gssapi_ext.h... (cached) no01:11
Romsterkrb5 depends on cyrus-sasl but if you rebuild cyrus-sasl after krb5 is installed then you don't get the footprint mismatch.01:13
RomsterteK_ jaeger removing cyrus-sasl and doing a revdep on krb5 does not yield any results. reversing the dependencies so cyrus-sasl depends on krb5 would solve this.01:19
Romsterbigger issues though openldap needs cyrus-sasl, and of course --with-ldap means krb5 needs openldap.01:22
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jaegerI didn't investigate, had to go out02:55
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Romster 404 not found10:23
pedjaspeaking of imagemagick, 7.0.7-1 is the latest.10:53
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frinnstteK_: mesa3d 17.1.X wont build with llvm 5. 17.2.x will, so maybe hold off a bit before pushing it.15:10
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juepedja: you already know that I always use the latest -10 release, because they release too often ;)18:26
jueso the next update will be 7.0.7-1018:27
pedjajue, yes I do :)18:31
pedjawell, I remembered that 0.1ms after I wrote that18:32
pedjatoo late :)18:32
pedjabtw, what happened with tcpdump update?18:36
pedjaif you list all the CVE's that 4.9.2 patches, the commit message will be huuuge :)
jueprobably tomorrow morning, I'm very limited in time currently19:16
pedjait's Sunday night, it can wait :)19:24
pedjaone of these days I'll make a local CA and sign pfSense cert, this FF big scary warning always gets me19:29
pedjaadding an exception would be easier, but who knows how long is *that* going to work19:30
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