IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-09-16

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jaegerfrinnst: how long after you sent your CPU back did you get the new one? Or confirmation that the new one had shipped?00:40
jaegerOr do you not have it yet?00:40
frinnstdont have it yet01:06
frinnstshould arrive on monday tho01:06
frinnstthey shipped it from the US for some reason, not in stock in holland i guess01:07
jaegerAh, ok01:08
jaegerI shipped mine back but haven't yet received any info about the new one01:08
frinnstyeah took a while for me to get that01:13
frinnstmine shipped on monday. I emailed support on wednesday i think01:14
frinnstand got the fedex tracking number for the shipment to holland01:14
jaegerI figured I'd start bugging them about it next week if I don't hear anything01:14
frinnstgot a text message today from dhl asking if i wanted to receive it at home or pick it up at a distrubution thingy01:15
frinnstto receive it at home i had to be home between 08-1701:15
jaegerheh, such precision01:15
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just_funSorry, frinnst. I'll be more careful.05:25
just_funDo you, CRUX developers, consider setting MAKEFILES="-j $(nproc)" as default in CRUX 3.4? Or later?10:50
just_funI'm thinking that, by not being the default setting, it doesn't encourages bug reports :D10:53
Romsterthe bot keeps eating 2 of my commits i pushed 3 commits it shows only 1.11:31
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frinnstyeah seems it cant handle multiple commits14:30
frinnsttimeline is also a bit screwed14:31

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