IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-09-18

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juefrinnst: guess you're running mesa 17.2.1 already?15:44
frinnstnope, i've been lagging behind :-)16:05
frinnst17.2.0 works great here for what its worth16:06
juebtw, seems I've "fixed" our timeline for core/opt commits, dunno if contrib works too16:25
juethe "fix" was to remove all old records with event_type=git_commit_opt etc.16:27
jaegermake it re-cache, basically?16:41
pedjainterested in trivial patch for pkgmk (unpack 7z compressed sources, too)?17:15
pedjalibarchive (which is at 3.3.2 now, btw) supports (extract only) 7zip archives since 3.017:17
juejaeger: yes17:19
juepedja: sure17:19
juehmm, why did we miss the libarchive update? will look at ck4up rules17:20
juethe rule is ok, probably an overlook17:24
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pedjajue, FS#147317:32
pedjait's been a while since the last 'ship with PAM as default' idea17:37
frinnstyeah I saw that one17:44
frinnsti dont like pam, but yet i want the features17:44
frinnstthe current wayland implementation requires it at the moment17:44
pedjathe other one, about 'hardening', is interesting, too17:45
frinnstim running glibc 2.26 with --enable-stack-protector=strong17:46
frinnstbut thats about it17:46
frinnstah and gcc --enable-default-pie --enable-default-ssp17:46
pedjawell, Crux *could* go all the way, and ship with SELinux in enforcing mode :)17:50
pedjathat is, like, totally secure. mostly because nothing works17:50
jaegerselinux isn't as bad as people like to make it sound, honestly17:51
jaegeraudit2allow is great17:51
jaegerI wouldn't advocate adding it by default, though17:52
pedjathat talk cleared a lot of misconceptions I had about SELinux, tbh17:53
jaegerI'll have to watch it, I've heard it mentioned before17:53
pedjanever used it, thou, only AppArmor on openSUSE17:54
pedjaI get why users switch it off (they can't be bothered with it). but admins?17:57
pedjabut I guess most times everyone is breathing their neck (manglement, developers, users) :)18:00
pedjadown their necks*, obviously18:02
frinnstI dont think selinux really would be that useful on crux :-)18:13
pedjathe ultimate hardening ( you are right, of course, it would be insane )18:20
pedjathe problem I have with suggestions like that is that, in most cases, after 'I'd like to have foo' there is no 'and how can I help?'18:24
pedjaor 'and here is what has to be done to achieve it/have it'18:27
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