IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-09-19

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jaegerteK__: opt/cryptsetup seems to fail with libdevmapper now.
frinnsthm, when did that break?17:55
frinnst;a=commit;h=f261d1d946481609e79f5df60e8cf0ad451dc6b9 ?17:56
frinnstah, libgcrypt perhaps, rather17:56
jaegerI might try downgrading libgcrypt to see if that works17:57
frinnstnah, my bad18:00
jaegerhaven't had a chance to dig into it yet18:00
frinnstrolling back didnt help18:13
frinnstconfig.log:configure:18028: gcc -o conftest -march=native -O2 -pipe   conftest.c -ldevmapper  -lpthread -ldevmapper -lm @RT_LIB@ -ludev -lrt >&518:13
frinnstconfig.log:gcc: error: RT_LIB@: No such file or directory18:13
jaegeris autotools failing to replace something there?18:14
frinnstyeah looks like18:15
frinnstcant find what tho18:15
frinnstand when it broke18:15
juelooks like it's a bug in devmapper's pkg-config file18:39
juepkg-config --libs --static devmapper18:39
jue-ldevmapper -lm @RT_LIB@ -ludev -lrt18:39
jue@RT_LIB@ isn't replaced with -lrt18:40
jaegerah, charming18:55
juefix already pushed :)18:56
jaegercool, thanks18:57
jueit's a quick and dirty fix, I'm too lazy to look through the autoconf magic18:58
juejaeger: np18:58
frinnstbtw I pushed pedjas patch for 7z for pkgmk20:11
frinnstwe need to roll a release for it tho, but maybe collect up a few more fixes first20:12
pedjawell, there is fs#620, opened 7 years ago :)20:45
frinnstpatch available? :-)21:40
frinnstah there it is21:41
frinnst#606 too21:54

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