IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-09-20

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just_fun#1367 could be another candidate for inclusion with the new pkgutils release. It has a patch
just_fun#1074 too (but I don't understand the test case from the commit message :)06:51
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frinnstjust_fun: yeah I noticed i missed a few09:10
juefrinnst: 1449, 1447 and 1367 are the ones I'd suggest to include09:47
frinnstI'll take a look at it this evening10:11
frinnstbtw mesa3d 17.2.1 is working fine10:11
frinnst.0 worked fine too10:11
frinnstpushed the additional patches. Needs to be tagged and packaged. Suggest we leave it and wait for any issues with yesterdays release17:21
frinnstbefore doing a new release17:21
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