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juemeson/ninja is getting more popular, latest fuse3 and sshfs are depending on it11:38
frinnstyep I suggest we include it in 3.411:39
frinnsti suspect all freedesktop tools will use it in the coming years11:39
frinnstwe are already holding back one library because of it11:39
frinnstlibepoxy iirc11:40
jueyeah, next major libinput will switch to maison too11:40
frinnstare we suspecting anything in core to start depend on it soon?11:41
jueI'm not aware of any, but who knows11:42
frinnstso leave it in opt for now?11:42
frinnstsepen is listed as the maintainer of ninja. I can take it over unless any of you want it11:42
jueyes, I'd say so11:43
juesure if you like, btw, there's a new version 1.8.2 out11:44
frinnstyeah saw that12:10
pedjanew polkit depends on mozjs-24 which breaks elinks that requires js-
pedjawell, fuck.13:10
frinnstthats what you get for running stupid software13:16
frinnststatic js for elinks?13:16
pedjait checks at configure stage for shared js libs13:28
frinnstI wonder how big a static build of elinks would be13:29
pedjahm, that's an interesting idea13:29
pedja200kb, using dietlibc, and pretty bare (no ssl, compression etc)13:36
frinnstnot sure how usable it would be without tls13:36
frinnsta lot less today than a couple of years ago13:37
pedjamany sites break these days without js, too13:38
pedjait's an interesting problem13:39
juedo you know that I was always a chrony fan? :)13:40
frinnsthehe yes. For a good reason it seems13:41
frinnsti wonder what an audit of ntpd would say13:41
frinnstor something similar probaby13:41
frinnstlike the manpage of bash13:42
pedjaisn't RH switching to chrony as the default?13:46
pedjaSUSE, too, iirc13:46
pedjantpd looks like an overkill for most people14:15
pedjaunless they have some exotic time source hardware14:17
pedjaor are running stratum 1 servers14:17
pedja'System time: 0.000085295 seconds slow of NTP time' useless, but cool :)14:20
dlcusaI've started looking into Doolittle ntpclient recently.  Once I find the crystal's optimum frequency adjustment, I find the stratum 2 server wanders back and forth often by multiple microseconds.  Such a moving target!14:34
dlcusaSince I'm in Gaithersburg using FiOS, I sync to so I'm pretty close--I believe they have an atomic clock on site.14:39
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pedjaapparently. js24 and 1.8.5 can be installed side by side15:17
pedjaelinks picks up 1.8.5, polkit js24, everybody is happy.15:17
pedjabut I'll wait until after the reboot before I open the champagne15:19
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frinnstI use a cheap gps dongle on one of my rpi's as a clock source16:32
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jaegerI wonder why my firefox decorations are messed up18:06
jaegerDoesn't seem to be related to my GTK 3 theme18:07
jaegerAnyone seen that?18:11
frinnstit rings a bell but I dont remember when or how18:55
frinnstACTION feels useful 19:11
jaegerheh, ok19:20
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pedjasit rep: no champagne just yet19:25
pedjaconsolekit segfaults, breaking xfce and crowds favorite pulseaudio :)19:26
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pedjayay, sound20:29
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jaegerhrmm... the signify setup should probably report something useful when /usr/ports/ is missing vs. a mismatch that says "signify"22:36
frinnstyeah its not very pretty22:38
frinnststill only an rc22:43

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