IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-09-27

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jueteK__: libreoffice 5.4.1 is latest, 404 for 5.4.008:41
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pedjafrinnst, bump cmake to 3.9.3 when you are bored :) nothing major, just a minor bug fix release10:21
pedjanothing is broken, afaict10:21
pedjais having Crux pastebin thingie 'a cool idea' or it fills you with dread :) ?10:27
pedjasomething like
frinnstoh right. im the maintainer10:37
frinnstforgot about that one :D10:37
Romsterdbus bump too10:42
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frinnstdbus? its the latest stable11:36
frinnst1.11 is the unstable branch11:36
frinnstoh 1.10.24 is now out17:25
frinnst1.10.22 was the latest when I checked earlier today. did you read about it or something, romster?17:25
pedjafrinnst, when spice-0.14.x releases, would you consider enabling virgl driver build in mesa?19:33
pedjait's one of the pieces for virtio-gpu host support19:35
frinnstunless there are any major downsides, sure20:35
pedjaOK :)20:38
frinnst(like new deps or something similar)20:39
pedjaafaik. virgl in mesa has no external dependencies.20:39
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pedjano extra deps, I meant20:53
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frinnstmeson now requires 6 additional deps? :/21:08
pedjawhen you install it using pip?21:23
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