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juefrinnst: seems so, IMO it's annoying that a tool like meson requires lot of external modules11:41
jueRomster: IIRC you've added the deps because we had problems with that egg-crap?11:43
juebtw, I miss our timeline11:43
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frinnstI created a meson port that just deletes the egg crap12:09
jueindeed :)12:13
juehere's my variant:
pedjaI found out that some python apps break if I remove that egg thingie either from them, or their dependencies. weird.12:17
pedjaso I don't bother, usually12:18
pedjawhat does it do, anyway?12:20
frinnstdont know :D12:20
juewell, might be for libs but I doubt that this is a problem for a application like meson?12:23
jueat least meson works well without the eggs :)12:23
juepedja: which apps?12:24
pedjaxkcdpass, pyzmq, and a few others, iirc12:29
pedjaI think you are correct, libs and bindings are more likely to break than the regular apps12:32
frinnstxkcdpass ? :D12:44
frinnstcorrect horse battery staple?12:45
frinnstor what was it12:45
pedjastroked novice's sensation minoan bursts lumpy12:45
pedjait can use a custom wordlist, but by default its using EFF list12:46
frinnstpwqgen is pretty sweet too12:46
frinnstI use it a lot for suff I need to remember - not for secure things12:46
frinnstfredrik@hypnotoad:~$ pwqgen12:47
pedjaspeaking of password managers, have you seen Bitwarden?12:47
frinnstthink someone mentioned it and I came as far as the website12:48
frinnstbut didnt look further12:49
pedjaon-premise hosting is pretty cool12:50
frinnstthe languages in use makes me sad tho12:50
frinnstasp, c# .net12:50
pedjathat's an interesting point. if they wanted to be cross-platform, what other choices did they have?12:54
frinnstall the good stuff12:57
pedjaon-premise deployment using docker/docker-compose12:58
pedjaso, in a sense, docker is the new Java (write once, run anywhere) :)13:00
pedjaI see that people are already planning to swap MSSQL server with mysql or postgres. the joys of open source13:11
pedjainteresting project13:12
pedjafrinnst, you mentioned once that you use Yubikey or something similar? on Crux?13:20
frinnstno, for work stuff13:25
frinnstI would need pam to use it with crux13:25
frinnstI do use it for some 3rd party services also13:26
pedja2FA and stuff?13:42
pedjaI use FreeOTP on the phone for 2FA.13:44
pedjatoo bad it can't export seeds, since pass has OTP plugin13:46
pedjaand I trust Crux more than I trust Android :)13:46
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